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I though thing gotta worry about betting on this fight is cory has been taken down every single ufc fight. He's been beside frankie edgar because he knocked them out. In thirty seconds so wrestling is not his forte. It's not his forte wrestling's tj's forte. It's his fourteen think about. I am thinking about that. The other thing is never been past the ground. Tj fucking the only thing i would say is the fourth tj tj having having been next to these guys and you know knowing tj. The size difference to me seems palpable. It's a it's and again it's not the be all but but it could fight easily at forty five. That's more his weight i think. No i think so. He's pretty big do the but he's not strong. Those boys have strongman like a super fight. May he really. he's young. do the only like. I'm not rooting against clad. Never rooting. it's fucking course in hagen. These young so he's he's going to be your champion. A lot of years ago for tj dude. There's so many naysayers it's like. Oh just because the steroid stop with that. They said all his previous urine samples if you if you not tj. He took t took that because he's cutting twenty five thousand easier cut teachers. A small guy was a nightmare. Never should've done helmet is. Asu done it a thought. I could do it. 'cause mentally i figure i can do. Anything was fucking nightmare. I took ep to get through. That awful idea fucked up. But it's like you know t. tj's fucking be. He's one of those guys. He's one of those to what i was saying is for tj. There's so much more pressure on him causing me find no matter what happened saturday night for. Tj's not tj loses this. Yeah he's thirty three like you gotta get going. Well when i saw. It looks awful. I saw him one time. He looks like he looks like the kind of junkyard dog. I want for this fucking studio. That is close to a human pit bull as you get. Look at that motherfucker. Suck and wait. He such about us. But i built like a premium. I saw him backstage right before you went to fight The second time he was gonna fight the great brazilian who held the title for a long time. The fuck was this. I'm sorry zelda. They present who held the title at one thirty five. I think for a long time he was out of all this be hennion bro. Bradtha number. I'm when i tell you when i fuck and tell you. He was walking around with his group like he had just won the fight and i talked to him about that. And the motherfucker was like. I'm more relaxed when when it's game time when it's showtime works when a lot of people that's when he thrives that's one he's actually at his best and so there's a reason he's champion. He's made that walk. And that's a huge thing when you're when you're dominick cruz. Who came back after that long was a world beater looked on unbelievable. I think you'll see the same. I'm only caveat with you know court. He's young he's never been those championship brown's. Dj's a fucking dog. There's a lot of pressure on them. There's so many may sayers. Yeah but he it be tough to bet against tj. I wouldn't bet against them on this one. no. I look both guests. That's right now to draftkings little random but you think cody and tj will fight again. Oh yes you do you do well. There's scientists just depends. Yeah because i know. Tj won both fights walkouts. Yeah just a twins. What cody wants to do. So cody fight sugar sean. One thirty five just to get out of the way for 'cause he's one away from a title of shoddy said so if he does that and then goes twenty. yeah yeah he just lost his just lost pretty decisively. Yeah yeah it's been twenty five carbon for world champion. He's a monster. yeah huge win decisively. No yeah one hundred hundred code. He's gonna fight at one twenty five so he's gonna fight sugar shot at one thirty five. This is the plan. I think one thirty five pretty good. Fight for cody not the great sugars fucking bad. As bad as he looks. I know he was fighting a guy who wasn't shouldn't have been there against him but sugar. Sean is a motherfucker. Man toadied finish. Could he hit like yes but sugar. Sean is just so chunkys. I can't believe he's not ranked it's hilarious. He's that's aggressive. Yeah is it. Yeah we won't we. We all love sugar. I love. I just talked to him yesterday. You got five super aggressive. You got t. j. dillashaw stacked way. It's such a stack that to say you've got peter yang about rain algebra in sterling. You've got peter yacht you got. And you got josie code. One of them is frankie. Edgar i would. I would put him between. I put them like eight nine or ten. He's new blood he's new blood and he's young and i just think he's difficult to train foot. This is this is why we're on the fight campaign when he called out cody's emma fucking schmuck deserves top fifteen beating buddy. Which is true. But i'm like dude. As far as like fame level like act he's number holler more famous anybody in division on twitch and being relevant like the right like the rankings. Kind of fuck things up. Now guys can go wom four seven. I'm not fighting him. when before. The rankings you. You'd have to fight. You can just say no. He's seven. i'm for this doesn't make sense for you. Have to fight. Because there's none of that. Yes so now that they have rankings. I get what cody sang like. Dude i know he's not ranked but also what what are rankings. Think about the people that do the rank exact at the end all be all right. We know sugar sean. The top ten i. We all wanna see. I wanna see if sugar sean. We all want to see that fight. We wanna see him. Fight a real. I can fight. You know. I know people saying well. He hasn't fought enough people. Okay i want to see him. Fight somebody like that. Here's the other guy. But here's the other over. Who i got over coding valuing goodbye i think she showed sugar sugar on the on the Odds would be the underdog netflix. He's so long he's so tall. He's my eleven every bit of five eleven and i may be done for saying this but i think i have codeine that fight because in my opinion sugar can even finish his first. Ufc debut granted. That kid to is a fucking monster like he took everything he had on kid. Exactly 'cause cody has power. Cody hit psychometric. Yeah against smaller. Guys cody yeah same. Sugar that thirty five higher level guys. I got sure see not smaller guys out division. I'm what i'm saying. Yeah that'll make sugar could knock out a guy in his first year of say. Ufc debut cody's knocked out some of the best fighters his way the here. Here's the problem with that is like i think sugars atop tanguy. We all think stop doing guy. We realize sugars young career just because he's this famous doesn't fighting top five guys. You actually them disservice by saying he needs five top five guy because it's a marathon sprint. Let's say he's not ready. And he fights cody five or fight. Those top guys in loses dude it fucks guys career career up and the fan base goes is not as good strong and then it gets in his head and then it you know he he. He could be there next conor mcgregor. Yeah meaning a huge pay per view star so to me. What he's doing with them is perfect and he he keeps asking for top five champions. Calm down young man look great grandma notice. They never do that with anybody else. Everybody else's fuck dude yet. Thrown to the god damned sharks but was sugar that like no no. Let's take it slow mine. And i and i love it. We'll marlin marlin champion Who's the guy who was a taekwondo guy who fought frankie edgar. They gave him frankie edgar and you were liked about rodriguez. Yeah and you. Don't give frankie. It's not ready for that. Ah even frankie said it changed. It causes career. Chemistry was brain dead. Come back kind of he's never been the same. you say. I was like why you had this exciting motherfucking this young exciting. They do it all the time. Except with sugar sean. Well maybe they're learning. You know there's something going on there. I love who. Who's the other guy. You and i like me whiter like. Can i get his way as biden with this lighting up the same hair. So that's casper the angry ghost right. Now let's just kim bubble. No i have beautiful skin dude. And i'm tom he and who's who's the guy we like blew out. He's brazilian blue fucking shoulder doing the worm. The caterpillar johnny. Walkup johnnie walker you about johnny walker. Do not drink. He was like the man in verse. John this the fight. They catapulted to the top. He not to do. He's like in brazil. Like yeah does the worm. Beaumont blows out has never been the same damage. You can't do those things man. You gotta be careful. I've always wondered how many how many football players get injured after the trump peleton dan. Tj dilshad plus when seventy five. Let's say i didn't know either my put money on. Tj plus when seventy five would yes he he just with his experience another two year. Layoff if i want to make money like the reason you bet to make money because of your if you want to make money you know put you put one hundred on. Tj win win seventy five grand on you. Making.

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