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Sox Seventy-three completing a. Three-game series, sweep Aaron Hicks, chips in with a solo Homer robot and Shane Robinson each had a run-scoring single we, Severino after a rough five. Game, stretch looked more like himself in this one. Seven innings three run seven hits he struck, out eight and did, not walk a batter as he worked at the catcher role mine I, couple innings it was kind of the same. It was getting behind not locating fastball down away, now, being. On corners which is normally what he does think after, that I got a couple more and I think he turned it up a notch and I think, we, saw, what. We normally seen from savvy through this year pound, and, fastballs and ex. Students ladders Severino improved to fifteen, and five the host the Rangers tonight with Jay hat on the mound I. Of a four game series that starts at, eleven game homestand. Coverage on the fan begins. At six twenty. Five or the. Mets won the series they took a rubber game from the red yesterday eight nothing Jacob degrom. Ended a winless. Streak of almost two months six sittings ten strikeouts. He's now six and, seven is major league leading ERA down to one, point seven seven Brandon. Nimmo three doubles three RBI's. Three runs scored Austin Jackson three hits three, read these Michael Conforto with double and, he scored, three that's out today. Off Bill visit the Marlins on Friday we check the scores in the American League the Red. Sox Maintained their nine game lead on the Yankees blowing away the Blue Jays ten to, five the Orioles nip the race five to. Four the Indians with a five two win over, the, twins. The Mariners lost their seventh in the last nine eleven, seven at Texas angel six Tigers nothing National League Braves with the nationals eight to three the Diamondbacks. A, raise, the. Phillies six to nothing the pirates edge the Rockies, four, three the Bruins. Doubled up the Padres eight to, four cardinal seized by the Marlins one interleague the royals crush the cubs nine..

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