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A big reason why with fifty yards rushing as on first down he gets the kerry again tries the right side not much wanting room this time gets a yard and a half because cody sensible stayed home but his quarter spot jason and did not get joop by alex college made the tackle around the ankle for a good struggle by sensible they're out in space while allowing colors to get to the edged group settled a win first bell with sticks of their favour now with a now that we're able to look at a second relate to twenty seven yardline rabbits break the huddle collins is the running back packs in the eye patrick record the feedback camp aero and mostly behind the line play action flaco sex throwing deep down the right side wants his open at the forty yard line of the steelers to the right side lot of the thirty five and caught by sean davis near the 33 yard line of pittsburgh a thirty seven your gade slack gotowala said the ravens not known for their big plays come up with another wanted a first out quote it was a little little shake robot wallis in the slot sean davis bit it white walls ended up this boyd will be under throw it over the inside shoulder joe flaco had put his walter grief forty ceylon it allowed the speed mike also a leap at a critical dostam as it stands a big game to the thirty three of pittsburgh at a firstdown would head in it running back stands to the right of flack oh who's at the shotgun ravens look into the lead on first down attended the thirty three play action they set up the screen and it's almost intercepted he was looking as he faked right to go back to the left side and he threw it right through the hands of cameras hayward howls the turf in frustration he nearly had a pick the ask her the ball therefore lausanne up all the throw virtual victory would you to see if he can break some cycles labial bell long the do jobert by him read that it was living without read it a try to get the super bowl in.

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