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Me by both organizations Jodi Mack because I'm not really sure what the Mets are going I don't know okay no right now exactly what their plan is it seems to me like they are planning on competing in twenty twenty I was talking to an addict and general manager I in Major League Baseball today and and they think the met the family got it up in napa shot to win next year but their point was now you can't move he adds your elite level closer when he's right or Syndergaard you gotta kind of part of the course and wait till next year I'm not sure that's what they're gonna do is I'm I'm surprised by them but specific to the whole it's around got back I think J. the back of the rotation starter you know with Saddam was around of the futures game this year I watched and tracked him closely in the minor leagues in the lab you can generate the strike out of a lot well but stop not gonna blow you away he's not gonna miss bat that elite level I don't think he's the kind of guy was going to be facing an all star game I believe he is probably be higher or lower ceiling commodity of the two that you got back in this deal I think when you go younger eight ball stop and and the high strike out rate you're getting back more they ate lots of repertoire and I think that's kind of what they're banking on it may be whatever one assumes that that throwing a good deal ends up being a better player long term but I think they could have done a little better you trade market Stroman that will come in off the year he's had an all star where he's played really well pitched brilliantly an editor from the ball park is one of the great brown ball artist in the game right now I think you got to get a top one hundred top seventy five prospect you know if you get an arm you should get some of the projects to the middle or maybe the number two spot your rotation they did not do that I was very surprised but they know more obviously about the conversation there Abin with Jean all around the league right now I just think if you wait till the last possible minute if that's the deal you got on the table with the Mets been waiting until the deadline what an hour to go in and pull the trigger make sure someone doesn't jump in FOR them with something a little bit sweeter now that's a possibility I'd lasting Yankee pitching starting pitching is been just pummeled the last eight or nine days yes I did get a win last night in Boston to at least keep from being swept but still a painting has not been great brain cancer many shopping pre starry you'll probably get one but if he doesn't who's the Yankees started the do you have the most great then turning around being better come October well that's a great question I think the guy they would give the ball to very likely the I. in a big spot would would still be eighty to me that that they come down to really good healthy and I think they're confident any of the guy that made the recent all star appearance as if they were on the mound that with every note that with the knock at I think they'd be in a good spot I believe they're going to trade for a starter the journey back I think it's gonna be a moot point that I think they are going to get a starting pitcher they've got too many pieces at their disposal or to go to pain and they knock on the door for too long no frankly for them only about the really the one championship over the last decade in change now isn't good enough there and and they have a gap between them and the teams the American League east the light switch they haven't had a little while this offense is we've all seen getting help you're now it's good not bacon batch I believe they are ready to roll in the policy that they got a star I think they'll do it one name to keep track of I make the futures game a moment ago ET Garcia who started the futures game or the American League this year is a tremendous pitching prospect who could get big league outright now that help them on either out of the bullpen born to spot start wouldn't be surprised if he made some type of impact down the stretch for them thank you thank you know about him right the country may not look him up but that's part of the equation I think for them as well but he's the one guy I would say that that out absolutely untouchable and anything that they try to do GP great stop project you coming on board thank for governments insight will be listening in and thanks before you know it will get you on a talk to Redskins are I'd rather hi Jody mac we will write an AC DC guys on the fan down in DC but when we talk baseball with him he's a SiriusXM MLB network radio guy I do enjoy talk Redskins will grant that's a little bit later in the year judge Mack can prescribe for al on a Monday night on CBS sports radio will get the phone three Stoke John Pennsylvania hang in anybody else want to.

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