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Debra Mark has news. Lawyers for the church leader arrested in LA for alleged rape. In human trafficking say the charges are false. This is not who this man is this is not this man's character. This is a high tech hit job. Attorney Ken Rosenfeld says his team will vigorously defend Joaquin Garcia. We will not rest. We will not stop until every allegation is systematically, methodically proved to be false that has leveled against the apostle Garcia and three other members of the low lose del Mundo church have been charged in the case. The news is brought to you by reborncabinets a trash company in south LA is trying to take on the city's illegal dumping. Illegal trash dumping is auto control in the city and county of Los Angeles, active recycling's air, all, Seagal says he's tired of seeing trash piles and alleys and parking lots in the city. He says the company in south LA. Is offering people the chance to drop off five hundred pounds of junk for free. California beekeeper say business has been sweet since the US announce new tariffs on Chinese goods Bill, Louis owns bills bees, in the San Gabriel mountains, where hundreds of colonies, produce local hunting. My tour didn't go, so, well, let's keep walking, but Louis says a trade war with China is going well, for beekeepers across the state, who are already seeing some profits still predict China will bypass terrorists by importing Honey through other countries, like Vietnam are able to produce it a lot less expensively than we do in this country and drives the price of US Honey down the US consumes about six hundred million pounds of Honey a year, but produces less than two hundred million in Sylmar, Monica Rix, KFI news, a three historic site in LA has plans for the future reort contextual, firms will be competing for the right to reimagined the LA brea tar pits. The announcement was made by the natural history museums of LA county, which operates the carpet and of the process will start with the development of a creative master plan, which will be led by the firm with the best approach each of the approaches are expected to be released to the public later this year. And then, by the end of the year, it's expected that a winner will be selected more than four hundred thousand people visit the targets every year in the campus hasn't been comprehensively renovated in more. Than fifty years. Chris ancarlo KFI news from the southern California Toyota dealers traffic.

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