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Baldy odorant the crop reviver toner performance boxer briefs and a travel back to hold all your goodies. So get ready for hot guys. Summer get twenty percents off plus free shipping when you use the code. F h pod at manscaping dot com. That's twenty percent off plus free shipping with the code f. h. p. o. d. at manscaping dot com escape the shrubs and weeds a summer and shine with manscaping lincoln. Okay move on from comedy specials but you should. What do you think of comedy specials. In general i fun thing to watch. I feel like i. That was a weird phase in my life. That i am no longer in comedy was kind of like yes. Do not laugh. Hardly ever i never. I never really seek up watching stand up specials like i rather go see something in person Of course i live in a place for that. Some of the best stand up in the world of so i know that's like kind of The luxury i watch. I watch bo burnham specials when they when he has one which is only like three times in a decade. But i watched bad taste the other one i watched recently was the dave chapelle one. I think that was the last one. I watched that i have in the last year other than that I don't know yeah. I i used to my dad really like standup. I like stand up to. But i never really ever sit down to watch a special like. That's just not like i'd rather watch like a scripted. Show And i used to not watch a lot of comedy. But lately i've i've i've started watching a lot more just like half hour comedy but no specials are not really my thing do you. Do you like the moammar. I know you said you aged out of it but you go back for an astrologist sake. Not not a ton. I just breeze recent restarted watching a lot more of the mitch. Hedberg stuff that exists. From like i feel like that was my heyday in that stuff and then i haven't really connected with much of it lately. Yeah i feel like. I want to. But i don't know why would you. I don't know. I don't know. I wanna laugh this going to be happy i mean like i laugh at at like i will watch the shit out of a shitty sitcom like even the cheesiest sitcom i'm super down to just like turn my brain off and go dive into what's super cheesy sitcom frio. What does that mean Right now because i have a subscription of paramount plus. I've been watching one called the neighborhood that has has schmidt from oh new girl. Cedric the entertainer. And it's like it is as by. The book says that she can get the railing. But i i'm still watching c. News something just to have on and it's funny at times but it's offensive at the time and then you just go through a rewatch of new girl right where you told me that i watched that like a cow's man new girls so it's so good i i haven't seen all of it but i remember staying with a friend. I don't know if i was drinking or not. i might have seen. I haven't i gotta at behind on a lot of things that i'm just quickly catching up on. But why am rewatching what we do in the shadow. So i guess not really so bed but i come and soon back on september second. It's on this week. I still gotta finish ted lhasa. Omar put me on ted lhasa last year bond he goes. You need to watch lasso and it literally came out. You're like yeah. I just watched it and then i watched it and i was like i remember. He'd be like this is so good. I feel so good. It's so funny that that it's having the success it is because that was a pre existing jason's today is character that he on like nbc sports or seven years ago of him. Playing ted laso like a short throw away feing. It must have been nbc. I think he was with us now at the time so he would just be like people are divided by different Seem like super positive person character. I think it was. I haven't seen all of them. But i think it was a lot of like kind of like hick character talking about soccer so i have a quick question is it is going to be in london again or like england again. I haven't finished the first season. Oh okay we won't spoil the spoiler and it was part of the term for me is a you know he's this. American like was in england. The trailer has all the same characters and stuff okay. It's ahead lasso going on the road now. This is the tv segment. So we'll listen to these segments Have you ever watched crazy ex girlfriend. I've seen the first episode swinging. Lasko fina ray yet. yeah gra. it's good all right. Thank you would like this show. I i try to watch that show. I watched a few episodes of the first season. The singing is too much. It's very clearly something that's not for everyone I was such a hater. He's great. I mean she. She pulled off a lot. Yes that's like all her. Yeah she's so funny I was gonna say there was one scene from new girl but made me laugh so hard. I cried and sick. And it's i don't even remember if i sold a whole episode but i think schmidt gets overwhelmed by something like he finds out that his girlfriend like dated another women they now and he just blacks out and starts moving his hands and they're like what's he doing. It's oh when he gets overwhelming. He does the snare solo from drum. Y and he's just moving his hands around with these imaginary sticks and he just he's so funny and commits so well and joke is so out there that it destroyed me. I was incapable of even watching the rest of the episode. I was laughing so it's one of the still to this day. One of the funniest things. I three watch the show. I think three times. Maybe total since like i ended and i feel like i might be about starting fourth. Oh it's just. It makes me laugh every time i may. I may have to get on board with that. I'm going to watch to watch through on making me. i gotta watch it at all. I've never seen those characters off. Like blake really review. Other shows can pull off while we can't talk about lost. And i feel like that's where any of these conversations lost way too much at the bottom of the spiral definitely partially to blame for that box. Set well lonzo. One video edited. That i went heavy on the lost. Like overlays jokes and stuff was because john was Getting he was relaxing. He's getting heat from patrick. 'cause.

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