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Hello, hello, welcome to dose of leadership so happy you're tuning in. Man. What a crazy week! It's been for me I feel like I've been out of touch with those of leadership I've been so busy with family one of my daughters. Unexpectedly, move up to Detroit so to deal with that. Then, I started flying again I actually started flying into. Believe this. Flu Can re second at the beginning of twenty twenty. And then I went on my first trip last week mid June. I'm recording this. On June twenty fifth. was a week ago I went to Inchon. China in Beijing or Inchon South Korea, and in Beijing China and then back to Dallas. Do you believe that? An implant again tomorrow ahead in the Paris of the world seemingly is coming back to normal. But it still feels weird out there I tell you it just does not seem the same. Even when I was in John, it seemed like World War Z. almost there was nobody the airport. Didn't have any passengers on the plane we were picking up. Cargo of all. Things didn't stay the night in China. Because we can't I wouldn't want to. Because of the Cova deal. But it was just weird, but it was good on one hand, but still a stark reminder of of how different things are and. It's a little uneasy and I'll be honest with you. Leadership has been attested and challenged. In the. Early. I really do think this is trying times for everybody but This is a great opportunity for leadership, and hopefully this show Dosa leadership is a great resource for you a free resource for you in your leadership journey. Where authentically we deal with leadership topics, and how all how helping you to become a better leader? That's what it's all about and I know I certainly been tested over the last two weeks. And I'm just like you and it's glad to be back in the saddle and giving you a great episode another great conversation. With Alon Hunkin 's Alana's. Spelled L. A. L., A. N., the French pronunciation, but demand. What a great guest! I really connected with him! We've been trying to get him on the show for quite some time. Even looking back to February and March and and we finally got it done. By about three or four weeks ago when I recorded this conversation and I'm excited to bring this to you this week. He's just a one of the great ones I really. Do. You think so? He's a sought after keynote speaker facilitators coach. He is a leadership expert. He's leadership junkie. It's right in. To the dose of leadership tribe. And he wrote a great book in fact, if I could write a book if I can wake up and morning, said Richard You could write any type of book that want. I think I would write. Like he did and cracking the leadership code. It's really good. It's about three secrets to building strong leaders. And he got. He has a lot of science behind e discovering the brain science behind leading people. He's got a lot of great real life leadership stories in the book and at the end of the day. The book is a practical leadership toolkit to become a better leader. That's what it's all about just like. This show is something that you can put in your arsenal in your tool kit and become a better leader. And I like what he uses to. In the tool kit as you know as with me, I got the four CS Alon has the three CS in to him. It's all about connection, communication and collaboration I love that I absolutely love that. So we deep dive into that in this conversation and we we also what I love about him. He's the first guest that I've had a near that. That references Frederick? And I do that a lot in my keynotes, and so I cannot stand Frederick. Winds Will Taylor and The idea of scientific management theory that came about, and they dusted revolution and I. Still reason why I don't like him is because of the way that he viewed people. He viewed workers as cogs in a machine and He's a mechanical engineer by trade. And he looked at these things, and anyway it Frederick was a Taylor in my opinion has created this. Cultural Rift that still is with us today, even though it's been debunked for the past sixty years that the type of scientific management theory doesn't work in the dynamic environments that we're dealing with today, it works in certain situations, but not overall and the mindset and the concepts that were brought forth from Frederick. Wendell Taylor are still we're dealing with them today in all the organizations particularly large organizations. And leadership is the solution the type of ship we talk about here on those leadership and Alon. Gets a one hundred percent, and so we deep dive into that. You're really gonNA. Enjoy that. My highly encourage you to go get his book. Cracking the leadership code again if I. Could write a book. It would be one like this it's it's that good

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