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Location at one and barca darrow when a service members criminal past doesn't make it up the chain of command we elder make for the right direction out there for that part of what we're looking at defense secretary james mattis responsive to failure at the air force to report the sutherland spring shooter who else today missing is next time on the take away from wnyc and pri public radio international it'll be one of those stories he'll present as we bring you the takeaway today beginning at noon welcome back the forum a michael krasny julian assange edward snowden these are just two of the famous whistle blowers who leaked documents pertaining to secret drone warfare and massar valence there are also featured in very acts a new graphic novel the digs into the history and ethics surrounding drones and surveillance and joining us in studio the two people who created the book when a welcome khalil ben davies an editorial cartoonist in graphic novelists whose other book is the harris paradise welcome to the probe welcome back actually we had lancair i s scars we are as good to have you also good to have but a protest apartheid buck chatterjee here with us this morning he's an investigative journalist and executive director of corp watch and the author of iraq incorporated and halliburton's army book they coauthored is called very ex again the true history of whistle blowers drone warfare and mass surveillance and welcome to both of you good to have you both here and keep happiness michael well let's begin a vital i should mention full disclosure here i interviewed edward snowden last night at a big event at the current theater and your title is actually a code for snowden us right it is but the book goes well beyond snowden i mean it begins with kind of a search for the links between big business and the and surveillance ended moves us into all kinds of territory outside of julian assange a drones particularly and so forth the covers a lotta tore its territory to big canvas and it's basically a graphic novel but it's a kind of just want to get the here are a hybrid of.

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