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A line from Eric Holcomb to playboy is that what you're doing because I don't know if I can let that happen on I mean I let a lot happened I sit back and I just kind of snicker and I got to I have the the Eric Holcomb to playboy line I don't know I need some help understanding now yeah we're gonna need explain crap do you incidence and I think that you're gonna need to explain that on our show our goals playboy has announced it is closing down its flagship magazine for the rest of the twenty twenty and it seems unlikely given the warning of the announcement and the state of the print magazine making that it will ever return wow all now this is Eric's father it's not Eric's fault the globalist as a class as a collect okay you're putting him in a collective of globalists who have taken you're really focused on something random and completely made up that I said after all these years now you're triggered by that I'm sorry about your subscription being canceled yeah does that make sense I'm sure you can find a replacement you know new demag though right or just go online I mean that's that's really what killed get any Kardashian feet you're gonna be fine I mean really it is more essential it's the ninety three W. I. B. C. mash up hammering the.

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