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With the chief medical officer of a medical center in El Paso, Texas, about controlling the surgeon covert 19 cases there. That story still ahead later this hour. 53 degrees will have steady temperature is staying in the low fifties. Today, it's going to be rainy all day and this evening as well tonight, dropping down to a low of 46 degrees and then tomorrow rain in the morning clearing in the afternoon. Oh, hi around 50. WNYC supporters include the New York Community Trust listeners can leave charitable bequests to the New York community Trust that are built to have a lasting impact. More information at give two dot If you believe democracy requires of free press, your station is WN y. 93.9 FM and AM a 20 NPR news in the New York conversation. Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly along the Gulf coast of Louisiana structural damage, power outages and at least one death are reported from Hurricane Zeta. The U. S. Supreme Court is rejecting an effort to block North Carolina's absentee ballot extension. It means mail in ballots with the proper postmark can be counted up to nine days after November, 3rd. Rusty Jacobs with North Carolina Public radio has more state law already allowed for counting absentee ballots postmarked by but received up to three days after election Day. But the governor appointed Democratic majority State Elections board agreed to extend the deadline by six days to November 12th part of a legal settlement in state court, with advocacy groups that suit to his absentee ballot rules. Amid the covered 19 pandemic, GOP state lawmakers went to the U. S. Supreme Court for an emergency stay of the extension after being rejected by a federal appeals court. The accused democratic appointees of trying to circumvent state law and rig the elections. Five justices declined to intervene in the case. Three justices dissented for NPR news. I'm Rusty Jacobs in Durham, North Carolina. Separately, the court rejected an effort to block Pennsylvania's extended ballot deadline just to say me Cockney Barrett did not take part in either decision. This is NPR news. And this is WNBC in New York. It's 8 32. Good morning. I'm David 1st 50 53 degrees in Central Park. Rain expected through much of the day today. The NYPD says that 32 people were arrested during a protest on Tuesday over the police shooting of a black man in Philadelphia. Protesters in Brooklyn broke store windows.

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