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To any student who needs them I mentioned were We're not We don't need to do this alone. our goal is to make sure that every child in america who needs classes has access to them and so if there are additional partners Anyone listening who is he credible. Constantly looking for ways that we can do more and and can scale These efforts into create more awareness. Or you're working with celebrities or what kind of a portfolio of a folks that you're working with outside of the ica industry because that's a big piece you know you gotta be able to touch people where they're asked. Are you working with any kind of celebrities with this project so we have done some some collaborations That have created awareness for our people's project effort We created the a pair of glasses. Called spinneys with jimmy fallon We're at a cat spin on on their temples and I remember seeing that everywhere. All the proceeds. I went to support People's project effort and jimmy super excited by it and he kept promoting it on his show and his last now We did a recent collaboration with tashaun jones. who's a super cool skateboarder From the bronx and he actually went Attended as a student one of the schools where we have our people's project program At albert einstein and so We we are constantly looking for ways that we can Built more awareness create more excitement but most importantly help as many students as we can. Nice nice nice. Well this has been awesome man. You you know this is. This is exciting because We've never had anyone from maury parker. Come on the on the podcast and You know it's great to to really get to know you as a person Understand the story of worby parker in to You know know what you do in any optimistic community because again i know a lot of things that takes place behind closed doors but not a lot of people know about it You know i would love to bring you back on the show maybe annually just to get an update on what's happening at war parker but also ask you any tough questions that my colleagues had That way we could make sure that we are one family. And i here at the end of the day. If we're all helping people see with the most the most precious since known to mankind vision we gotta work together as a family as a team as a unit. And the only way we're going to do that is if we come together and have a conversation like we're having today but again. Thanks for all the things that you do and when it comes to diversity as big piece Continue to great work with branding. Eyecare as a whole. And i look forward to your success and i just wanna say. Thank you so much for hanging out with your favorite optometrist today..

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