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It's about keeping them in line. And the best way to go after these guys it's not wait till they do something horrendous. Cokes. Amanda stepping across this tiny little line. They land on him like a ton of bricks. Now, they get worried. How do I keep this from happening next time since I've been doing this show? If you don't know where you're going you good chance you'll wind up somewhere else. Sure. I have a goal. The goal has always been to place every judge in the country in a position such that. When he steps out behind the bench and looks out across the bar at the gallery. I want him wondering which one which one. Eggs out there waiting for me render. Ruling he don't lecturing rundown. Grand jury indicted. That will change everything I'm here at this bitcoin conference because I have the tool to get that done with. We're gonna change everything. I'll I love the idea of holding these bureaucrats accountable because it seems like such an impossible task. I'm curious to know, the stories are great. But did you ever get to the grand jury on? We ask people. I. About five years ago. I filed a habeas corpus for a kid in Conroe. This Republic of Texas group came to me, they're telling him what to do this assessor secession group says morons they called me to do a speech there once and you guys want to replace the government with your Republican Texas group who here knows how to keep the hospitals running who here knows how to keep a state running you want to get rid of everything we've got and replace it. So what are you going to replace it with? I'm going to suggest to you that instead of getting rid of what we got let's fix. What you got? How many of you guys who are complaining about the government doing all these things wrong have written out criminal complaints and signed your name to it? Taking it down to the courts. Now, they never wanted me to come back. So they come to me because the kids in jail doing what they're saying. He's lost his truck. He's lost all his carpenter equipment. He's lost his apartment. He's almost everything. So I look at what went on a rota habeas corpus took it to Conroe folly with the clerk. And ask her are you going to give this to the judge who do I need to do it. Otherwise, she had just bury it this is the criminal complaint. A habeas. I'm sorry. Okay. So she told me she'd give it to the judge which one she told me that I went and sat in a courtroom. They were having a murder trial. The interview they finish examining a witness Cinta Basant, the everybody out sent the jury and the judge said are you Randall, right? Am. Did you follow his habeas? Yes. Your honor? I did said are you an attorney who know judge asleep? Well, not keep has thank you very much. Well, he didn't take that. Well, because he's an attorney. He said, Mr. Kelton teacher, not an attorney. I'm not going to accept this habeas. Attorney debate. If you hear that. Yes. Mr coward. I did arrest that judge got real quiet in there. Judge. Hold on. I want to continue this here in moments ready killed his with us from rule of law radio where you're at the Texas bitcoin conference. There's more coming up here on free talk live..

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