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I don't know twenty two. Wow. Forty or something. I don't know. Well on that tip. If the rumors are to be believed got some Greg Brady Carol Brady action off the set. Yeah. That's we'll never know. Liz Taylor's looked it up because I remembered younger man her last husband Larry for ten sqi at least twenty years younger than her. Yes. Great anyway, John Travolta's. Well, who's the mother who who played the mother and boy in the plastic bubble, and then we'll be able to narrow it down to name. It says when you type in who played the mother and the blow in the plastic bubble. That'll help us that will be on our journey finding the name ever first clue I glue. Yes, an Hayes. It might be. I don't know the name. I tell you that if I knew it. Well, but is that what it says? I just read the the woman I'm looking at first Bill just because I'm doing it on this here. All right. right. Take. That's a computer speed things up. Oh, he's already got a statue at staple center. Now TMZ reports that Shaquille O'Neal has a restaurant right there as well. The NBA legend opened up Shaquille an LA live over the week shock won't endorse. Oh my God. Every and tons of his friends showed up to celebrate from Adam Sandler, Jillian idle men, Tiffany haddish, the restaurant respect lies in southern cuisine, featuring everything.

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