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Those things matter men i just think luke takes a little bit which all conferences matter this segment is brought to you by mercure insurance want to save a little money on auto insurance which the mercury and you can save a few hundred bucks get started with free quote today at mercury insurance dot com that's mercury insurance that god dan glaviano wrote a story about the college quarterbacks coming after the draft donald rosen mayfield lamar jackson ran under no josh alan but we're just name remains he talked to nfl executives about all of them will ask you about that next our friend damn grazziano joins us now the nla did a great story i read yesterday on espn com talking about the college quarterback spoke to a number of people uh in the nfl world about the individual quarterbacks dan we are obviously very interested in this story because uh you spoke to some folks about josh rosen and seemed arnold particularly uh what are some of the stuff that uh that stuck out when you spoke to people about those two quarterbacks in particular no i think you're caught on rosen among nfl people is just really impressive in the pocket just what he operates the pocket l you know looks like he was born there but that you know he is a pure passer and with an ability to to to read defense and diagnosis and go through progressions just to the high level i think people are excited about that i the questions with him he's had some issues with the south and uh um you know i i think people want to see input.

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