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That was it was not good. It's fucking terrible. discussion biggest. Hit at facts ever had. I think they did it. They did it justice. Yeah yeah jake finish The the ridley scott raised by wolves. No i got pretty far. Though i watch five episodes. I need to get back to that to. Jesus chickens away from me man. I've loved it too. It's really fucking good and it's getting a season too isn't it. Yeah that'd be a great bench before Before season to the first four episodes the first ten minutes of the first four episodes. You're like shocked all over again. Yeah it's great. It's a crazy show. I need to watch. I need to. I need to finish shit. Oh my god this. Next bit of news i might be the only one saying anything about it or the only one. That's fucking excited. British actor martial artists in direct to video action movie king. Scott adkins is in negotiations joined. The cast of the just started fourth film. John where scott atkins might be in john wick. Four guys if you've listened to any episodes you've listened to be below this guy i fucked. I love scott atkins. I'm a huge scott atkins kinda fan. I think he's a fantastic actor. As far as he's not an amazing actor but i think like he's a he's an excellent martial artists and i think he's i think he's a very serviceable actor and i enjoy seeing him pop up and things and this is a huge. This is a big deal for me. This is a big deal. That scott act. Scott adkins might be showing up and in john wick four. It'll give him a little bit more exposure. He was in the last man. Movie man four. He's my choice for the the new johnny cage. If they do get a mortal kombat sequel. I would love to see scott atkins be johnny cage and would love to see scott god. I would love to see him. Show up in john wick movie so i just wanted to use for four other talks in the negotiations for him to join the cast. That's crazy because they already started filming. Yeah four so he's entities. Probably you know it's not going to be a substantial role but yeah you might. They might squeeze it in there. They'll just fire some other guy. I hope gets in. I hope he gets. And he's currently filming netflix's next action comedy day shift starring jamie foxx dave franco and making good. So he's right now. He's kinda busy with that. So yeah you're probably right trista. And he's probably not going to be like a big part of the movie but maybe if they can set them up for like john wick five. I don't want these. John wayne movies to end. I fucking love them. I don't see why they will. do you think. Do you think commons gonna come back. He didn't come back in three his definitely gonna come back because basically set him up to almost like john works equal. Didn't they like. And i still love that scene with those two like in that train station and they're just like shooting shooting at each other's with with silencers right and nobody knows what's going on around them except for those two. It's so good. They should do a john wick. Fast and furious. Crossover like chemist. I'm the linemen booker. T. dried up to do anything else. Now i don't know i wanna see john. I would like to see. I would love to see the bob odenkirk just did nobody which was from chad stokowski. I would love to see it. Crossover with nobody at one point. Yeah that seems like the perfect fit news. Dark horizons fourth riddick. Movie moving towards filming. I was just making jokes of the search. Hold on hold on hold on jake. Okay all right. The riddick movies are you a fan of any of them. I like the ones after the first one. I hate pitch-black. I hate pittsburgh too. It's crazy jake reasons. Like the whole movie's nothing but blinking lights and shaky cam for like the first twenty minutes fucking hated pitch black dude i fuck and i. I absolutely love. Chronicles of riddick with i love that movie. I own it on dvd. Jake i love this stuff after superfund pitch black filmmaking for it so fucking bad. I don't even. I don't remember chronicles. I don't remember riddick three. It was good pretty. Three three was just ridic. Right and called ridic- ridiculous like ridic- ridiculous franchises underrated the triple x. God that movie is hilarious. Oh my god the triple x. While it went from triple x. And then they're like okay. We can't get vin diesel next thing. Let's get ice cube. Let's get ice cube and then didn't vin diesel come back. They're both in the next one right. Oh my god. Those movies are incredible. Doesn't it revisited. The first triple x. Doesn't doesn't toni. Collette show up one of those movies. That's true tony collapse. Wanna kubo triple x. Just did that and no. Toni collette shows up in return. Of zander cage. Yes that's true i didn't. I don't think i've ever seen riddick. I love chronicles. Of riddick karl. Urban shows up in that movie. And i fucking love it. It's a thousand times better than pitch-black pitch black car bench. Someone had to convince me to watch chronicles of riddick. Because i was just so out after pitch black eyed well he had such. His character was so minor in pitch black. He was kind of the weird not gain. Bad guy character. Yeah just like the guy that's locked up but may cause problems later. Anyway he's talking about. He's saying they're going to be doing a fourth athlete. It seems like it's always been a passion project. His i think it's probably his favourite franchise if you were to ask them. I wouldn't be surprised if that's what he said. I love i love. I love how jacobs's putting words vin diesels mouth i. I didn't say. I think he bought though i speak very you. Loves the riddick shit. But there's no way second and third one even get made if been utilised pushing for that happening. Jake what do you think. Okay what do i want to know. What else jake thinks what else. You think sausages. No no i was gonna ask you. What's what's been diesels. Favorite pop tart flavor cherry. But yo- frosty. He likes the unfrosted. You jake god okay okay. What is vin diesels favorite pixar. Movie a bug's life.

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