There is No One Plant Fits All - Preserving Cannabis Diversity w/ Jackie von Salm PhD (From BTS #28)


So I'd say, some of my biggest questions are more of the sort of nerdy ecologist. I am sometime in. That's more on I. Still can't believe that there's only one species of cannabis. Interesting yeah so I, but being able to trace and track and try to figure out how it's evolved with humans obviously. Is Tough but. I think that. For me, it definitely shows we should embrace the diversity though. I, really don't WANNA lose that aspect of the diversity in the industry. I know it's difficult to standardize and I know as scientists. I should not like that answer I should be like no. We need to make this whole thing. But I. think that that's why it would be great. If sort of had kind of that more strict scientific medical side, but then you still have. A little bit of the slightly more relaxed with diversity. it. The variability that we even see among patients with you. HOW DIFFERENT! It needs to be personalized all three personalized, and there's not going to be a one plant fits all just like in Pharma. There's no one pill fits all right. There's no one drug that's GONNA solve the world's problems and I think. That's what it's really raised for me is trying to understand not only the variability of the flower and the plants, but every step of the process after that point in manufacturing and production distraction, everything changes your chemical profile along the way. I don't know how you really keep track of that unfortunately, but if you can show that most of the chemistry that you're extracting and moving forward isn't considered harmful I. Don't know that that matters like I would think that as long as you're proving that you're not. You don't have excessive solvents, pesticides or other hurts one that I would think it would be okay, but. It's yes, it's a tough thing. So the synergy to I, mean that's always a huge question. Right the whole. Study some of that, yeah. I mean those are all still questions. Everybody's still has right and I know yeah. I mean one of the things that like research like yours highlights. That gets me. Really really excited is just how much we don't know. Shows. Just how much work is to do, and how many opportunities there are present. To investigate all of this stuff and it's like this. This is one reason why like being a teacher, because I like getting people excited about the fact that there's a lot we don't know and we need people to like. Get on board to ask questions and explore and do this work, because it's easy especially when it's particularly bad in like the cannabis and the natural. Natural Products Space in general, these like memes get repeated over and over and over again about what we know about plants and their chemistry, and what they do the body, and is this impression that we must have it all figured out, and no so much, and you know we really don't. We may do the best with the limited amount of information. We have available, but. there is just so much unknown

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