Canadian officials dropped charges against a First Nations chief whose violent arrest sparked protests


The National Native News Making Camera. Kim for Antonio Gonzalez tribal governments have joined environmentalists Labor activists sent a lawsuit against new rules that rollback federal, clean water regulations, earthjustice filed the lawsuit on behalf of the possible Yawkey tribe of Arizona bad river band of Lake Superior Chippewa the on Indian nation of Washington State, the Fond Du Lac band of Lake Superior Chippewa of Minnesota. The menominee Indian tribe of Wisconsin and the tonal autumn tribe of Arizona. A C central reports, the suit contends the new federal navigable waters protection role actually weakens expanded protection for streams and wetlands that were put in place by the Obama Administration. The new rule took effect this week. It eliminates intermittent and ephemeral streams from bodies of water, protected under the Clean Water Act. The possible Yawkey tribe is concerned. The rollback will lead to damage of a major water source state officials in Arizona have supported the federal rule change, even though environmentalists warned the state could lose protections for more than ninety percent of its water bodies under the new rule. In Canada charges have been dropped against northern Alberta first nations chief who is the subject of a violent arrest a couple of months ago as Dan Carpenter Chuck reports, the arrest caught by police dash camera led to anti-racism protests across Canada chief Alan Atom of the ATHABASCA one first nation, no longer faces charges for resisting arrest and assaulting a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer. Adam was the subject of a violent arrest in March. Police Dash Cam video showed him. Him, being tackled and punched in the head, he had been stopped for an expired license plate a statement from the Alberta. Prosecution Service says it had reassessed prosecution standard based on an examination of the available evidence, including the disclosure of relevant material and has withdrawn the charges. The arresting officers are under investigation over the incident chief atom says he's overwhelmed that the charges have been withdrawn having that it's time to move on a sign of relief in regards to. The whole ordeal that. Transpired under early mornings of Mark Steyn. And described that put aside in. Time to move on and continue on. Supposed to be doing. Adam called on Ottawa to address injustices against indigenous people, and said Canadians must open their eyes to the reality is that indigenous people have lived with for decades, the national chief of the Assembly of first nations welcomed the dropping of charges, but said it's clear that racism is embedded within most public institutions, especially the police Adams lawyer also said the decision throws a spotlight on systemic racism that has gone on for too long unchecked in Canada for national late of news I'm Dan Carpenter? In South Dakota the Cheyenne River Sioux. Tribe filed a lawsuit this week. Against the trump administration of what it says were threats to impede COVID, nineteen relief funds, and to take over policing on the reservation. The Grand Forks Herald reports. The tribe set up checkpoints leading into its lands in south. Dakota in April to protect tribal members from the spread of the corona virus. The lawsuit says pressure from Washington DC came after pleas for help from the state's governor and congressional delegation. The tribe is asking the US District Court for the District of Columbia to block the federal government from taking over tribal policing and forcing it to remove its checkpoints. On the Navajo Nation this week president, Jonathan, Nez and Vice President Myron leuser issued a proclamation to fly all flags at half staff to honor Navajo. Police officer Michael Lee who passed away to covid nineteen on June nineteenth Nez said lease saved many lives during his twenty nine years of service, and give his own life to serve and protect the community the funeral for officer. Lee is being held on Thursday June. Twenty fifth in Chandler Arizona. For National, native news I make an camera.

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