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This is the rich dad radio show the good news and bad news about money here's robert kia sake lockup avocado sacking to mr radio show the good news about news about money and nicolas of the rich day radio program anytime anywhere on i tunes or android and all of our programmes are archived at rich dad radiocom archive them so he can listen to this again because you will learn even more as a very important programme but more importantly you can share this with friends family business associates because we're talking to one on the smartest guys i know all right now he is an end sattar from washington he's the former director of the office of management and budget under president reagan and what he is saying now is people i'll lying at lying outlying and the reason why i found this programme has caused by my friend the great donald saying well we're going to have a tax cut for the middle class at well no that's a lie everybody knows that's ally but they'll do anything to get a vote in the worst thing about it is as davis dockland says he is actually screwing the people that got him into office the flyover states like wisconsin ohio and all the working class all the guys at went to school and got a job and set paying taxes and saving money and getting outta debt he getting hammered because everything has changed so davis stockman is the author of trump a nation on the brink of ruin and how to bring it back that's pretty optimistic and other great information the crash in of capitalism in america and his website as david stockman's contro coronercom and and and island has drive to that hanson whereas i and i really want to recommend your you're newsletter david contra quote is live great and fashion yeah because we talk about these kind of every day so everybody i subscribe to it because otherwise you could lose the lies lies lies out there yet and.

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