Patients increasingly checking ‘Dr. Google’


As the pandemic continues it seems even more of us are tempted to check our various medical symptoms on the internet Dr Jason west is on the KRLD news line Dr west I recently heard somebody use the term Dr Google and I thought it was a joke but it turns out Dr Google is a real thing it actually is a real the it's what happens when people have some concern symptoms condition diseases I go to the internet and they go to global they type in you know muscle twitches hi twitches restless leg syndrome and they usually get some horrible diagnosis like you know Lou Gehrig's disease or something like that and they'll come into the office and say Dr west I'm dying because Google told me that muscle twitches they have this condition is it a bad thing to go looking to check symptoms on the internet Dr where should we ever do that well I I actually think it's a good bad thing and what I mean by that is I think people get better healing results and stuff when they are informed when they know what's going on but that is a double edged sword because when you start looking for things on the internet you can find you know good and bad just about everything in it does seem to feed on people's fears and the walk in and say look I have this really unusual disease I've got thirty days or less to live in a household where did you get that information in and so it's a double edged sword I mean I mean I really cautious until people to go one way or the other because I think there's benefit in knowing what's going on but it is easily to get swayed into thinking that something is absolutely horrible I am seeing this term cyber contrary us a lot more lately during this pandemic is it something that's grown more rampant thanks to cope with nineteen well I think so because people have more time on their hands there it's unusual off on what's happening and so they're looking for a void to fill so they get on the internet and I started just looking and searching for just about everything and it literally when when you have any health care concern and you start typing in the symptoms the problem is is the likelihood of having a serious disease R. I mean statistically aren't that high but if you type in dry fever cough you know you're gonna come up I've got a corona virus because those are the symptoms but there's a lot of things because the try fever and a cough and a set rule number one if you're going to go see doctor Google on the internet and check a symptom don't freak out it what you find I think it's a really good just reassurance to tell people look there are so many things that can cause a fever muscle twitches of stomachache headache I mean headaches another example almost everybody at sometime in their life will get a headache but as you go type it in the first thing I'll tell you what you could have a brain tumor you could have a budgetary teamwork and then the likelihood of that happening is so low it's almost like winning the lottery I mean in a reverse way and so if people are armed with some reassuring facts like he looked at the statistics of what those serious conditions are let's just see get your physiology balance let me search there with you it really helps so that people don't get into a state of cyber Congress

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