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You're not gonna get anywhere else. You're gonna get there are a lot of things that I'd do not talk about on this show. I do not talk about you know, if there's a bad attendance, or this is this is a very positive ship. But sometimes in behind the scenes, we get into some sticky situations, and we talk about the facts, and we talk about what's going on. It's only a dollar a month, and there are different tiers different awards. But we appreciate all the support. We got some great patrons. The main thing is you get once you become patron. You become a part of our private Facebook group. We do a lot of interaction. There. We go live with videos, and we're grateful for all the patriots. We got check it out at patriarch dot com slash double. Drop kick. So inex- T was in Spartanburg. And they they may be back sometime this year this typically once a year stop, I would say I don't know what the count was. The the down the ringside was full. I mean, it was packed. I wanna say two thousand people I may be off it. But it was I'm not trying to undersell it. I'm trying to tell you how many people there. It was great. And it was a great card down digest got a big Ryoko. Shane thorn integrate MAC at my that's about as good opening match. You're going to get as at a wrestling show. It was phenomenal Lacey Evans defeated zeal in. Brennan Williams become a Reeves they had wrestled the night before in Atlanta and bringing Williams got busted open, but got some revenge on Saturday night, EC three defeated Bobby fish by disqualification when the rest of the undisputed heir interfered, and then we got a six man match the undisputed air versus three Matt riddle and Keith Lee, and it was easy three. Matt real Keith Lee getting the win again a great match. Adam Cole took on Alastair black again in just a phenomenal back and forth match. Alisher black got the win. And then after intermission we had carried saying Bianca Bella Araya whip -ly Raya whip -ly Ripley sorry. And I want to say Ali. I'm not familiar with some of the inex- t- talents. This was a match for the UK title. And Ray Ripley. Got the wind. And that was that was a pretty good match manage she is she bad. She she's just tough strong fun to watch. And in the main event who are this is a regionally supposed to be Tomasa Champa versus ricocheting singles competition. Instead, we got DIY reunited, Johnny Gargano and Tomasz oh Champa versus velveteen Dane in Belva, teen dream and ricochet and velveteen dream and ricochet got the win after elbows off the top rope..

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