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Whether it's the life of bread for Henry Ford we talked a great historians about him for the Stein way family four my goodness margarine Scott on spike's story by George will about Curt flood it's just a beautiful story and our favorite so when we hear from the subjects in their own words with their own voices as little of us as possible Brett Farr story here on our American story hello I'm Mike Lindell the inventor my pillow and like all of you out there I have problems sleeping pillows would go flat I would flip up all night long I would wake up with a sore neck maybe a headache or feel like I need a nap even though I slept eight hours when I invented my pillow I wanted to to where you could move the patented fill to give you the exact support you need is an individual regardless of sleep position might kill will get you into that deep sleep faster and you will stay there longer it's not about how much time we spend about is about how much of that quality sleep we get I do all my own manufacturing right here in the United States I have a ten year warranty you can wash and dry my pillow and I give you a sixty day money back guarantee so you have nothing to lose go to my pillow dot com or call one eight hundred.

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