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And ali my estes is blaming her daughter's drug problems for the alleged financial improprieties at permits that early learning cheddar dad according to a statement from my estes as attorney mehta the albuquerque journal it's alleged julianne my estes led permissions former assistant business manager diverted four hundred seventy five thousand dollars in school funds who were personal bank account and ali my assesses the former executive director at lap apd's tenor to told his tuesday that up to three people could face grim charges in the low permission case a 23yearold woman is charged with dwi after state police say she was involved in two rex wednesday morning including had collision with an espiridiao a school bus police say gabriella izeta hit the bus while it was stopped on state wrote 399 in lima sia she drove away and allegedly got into another recognize spaghnolo police say zedda appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and was arrested western states battling wildfires are getting help from new mexico bush state forestry division says it said around one hundred wildland fire fighting personnel to support firesuppression efforts that includes more than three dozen members of the returning heroes firefighting program consisting of veterans and civilians there are currently fighting a huge fire in oregon's columbia river gorge and all six state forest redivision districts upset injured gru's to california colorado idaho montana and washington larry remoulded break newsradio cake kop well early voting in albuquerque's you municpal elections been going on for a weekend as of mid morning yesterday was an eighty two hundred people had cast a ballot should he clerk natalie howard chairs with the mayor's race city council races end is sick leave ordinance interest seems to be high.

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