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They're all dudes there's no question about that i am certain lead soon we know ladies on understandstanding on this politburo standing committee and and new prospects for there to be any time soon i don't think it's sunk sessions quite the same way as a pyramid scheme but i think there there are some things that are very unstable about at him when i was talking to an analyst today he said you know in ways it's less transparent the north korea is at least in north korea you know that the next leader is going to be a cam you gotta hereditary dynasty in in china over the past few decades you know a lot of this these the system of designated successors has gone wrong two were knocked out in the '70s two were knocked out in the 80s and xi jinping as we've said is the first who was not appointed by as successor and in the past few years we've had people challenging the rules saying i'm not going to put up with this system of appointments one of them was bushy lie the party boss of a huge cities trenching in the southwest and he ended up getting purged for corruption but you know the rules of succession are very much in play at this party congress these are all informal rules in their concerns that they will you know that xi jinping will just push these rules aside including limits on terms for leaders and things will start creeping back to the way they've been throughout history which is the chinese leaders rule until the guy right we're up against another break in just a moment but before we break let's get at one more comment from rob who tweeted us i am no fan of forty five meaning president trump the 45th president but i find it strange that xi jinping has many more negatives yet the criticism by other world leaders is much less than 45 before we have to pause elizabeth economy what do you make of that the comparison between what the world generally thinks of china's leader and america's later today well i think that uh xi jinping has managed very effectively to capitalize on what are seen i think both at home and abroad as some.

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