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Requested a trade. I did not request the trade Of wanted to play here You know in the reality is you know Think calls were getting thrown around and this and that and that's a reality But at the end of the day the the real reality is i'm here. I'm here to win. I'm here to win it all now. That's what he said. What does say. I just wanted to take time this all season to remind everybody that. I'm a top five quarterback as well. So i told my agent adults stuff out there just to make sure everybody remembered that i was still in seattle. And i'm still russell wilson and the other thing is too and i always have to remind people about this. I gotta say something. As as as i've been disrespected as i've never been in the mvp bolton. There's something i had mentioned about. Russell wilson but we was just playing. We knew aaron rodgers will dominate the headlines. I just wanted to make sure about a remember. i was still in seattle. I like that one. I liked that a lot. Next another superstar. Julio jones at his first practice at tennessee titans and then was asked about how much he has left in the tank at thirty two. Here's what he said and believe in me. I know what i have in a tank and we're talking about ages thirty to play. I'm young and football you to say over it you do it. You don't miss game. Don't change the still fast and field small but to question my health and things like that just eighty two and he says what does swag usak take you down a little memory lane. May once a soul about a great roy jones doing it. A boxer titled. Y'all must've forgot. Roy jones with trying to remind everybody that um steal. The flares are still box. I still do my thing. Maybe not et exhibition with tyson. But it's all good and then we saw leak in boxing comeback. Be george foreman. Julio is just putting yourself in that same lane. y'all must've forgot. Huda julio jones. I'm the reason all these rava received a getting this crazy money. I'm the board that's been in the league doing my thing. Y- few injuries. But i'm gonna make sure y'all remember this year. While i'm in tennessee that i am still dam only does and then the words that are great. Roy jones julia..

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