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Dr Sam Dirani, it Honor Health Valley Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona. I'm Sherry Preston. ABC NEWS Elmo News. 1000 FM, 97 7 It's 5 31 Right now Thursday morning, and some showers in parts of the North Sound this morning right now in downtown Seattle were being spared the rain. It's 58 degrees along with Greg Herschel time. Amanda Factor. Here are the top stories from the Coma, 24 7 News center. We start off with the latest numbers and new covert cases. Air spiking again here in Washington, the state Health Department Reporting 521 new cases in the last 24 hours and 10 additional deaths and the current computer projections show more than 2500 people in our state could die from Corona virus By November 1st, businesses are seeing their operating costs soar. Under reopening guidelines set by the state employers are generally required to provide masks and other protective equipment to their workers. Any stores are offering them to customers. Andrea Bria with Seattle South Side Chamber of Commerce, says shops have also had to redesign spaces for social distancing, and many restaurants have invested in outdoor dining in terms of, you know, quantifying the cost, Like you said. It really depends on the business. It could be anywhere from a couple $100 to a couple $1000 challenges keeping masks and PP in stock. Deliveries could take anywhere from a week to a month or more. An elected official from the Tri Cities area who has taken heat for his Corona virus dance in the past, is taking more heat now, after saying that a testing site isn't necessary. Almost Brian Calvert tells us the alleged statement was made as his county faces a huge uptick in Cove in 19 cases. A spokesperson for the Washington National Guard states former footballer turned Franklin County Commissioner Clint did here. Isn't a fan of the drive through testing site at an event center in Pasco. After visiting the site recently, the Guard noted quote. The commissioner expressed his believed that the testing site wasn't necessary and told the office of the insurance commissioner that he would do what he could do have it moved when our partner station Chema confronted did here with this. The commissioner said he doesn't have a problem with testing. He just doesn't like the sight because he feels it will interfere with the upcoming primary election. There's a ballot drop off box nearby. The testing site is operated by his county's health department, meaning technically if a majority of his colleagues agree the site could be moved did here has been criticized in the past for his defiant stance on the Corona virus had one point telling business owners to open their doors against orders from the governor's office to remain closed. Ryan Calvert Camo News. The King County Health inspector has shut down Duke's chowder House in West Seattle after a Corona virus outbreak among workers. Inspectors say the restaurant and Al Qaeda was not in compliance with the state state say stave safe stay healthy requirements of the state. Dukes will be allowed to reopen once an inspector gives the old clear when Governor Insley allows counties to start moving to the next phase of reopening again. Clark County maybe stuck in face to county health officer, Dr Allen Melnick says in early June, they were on pace to move to Phase three. The problem is that starting in June The numbers began to increase significantly. Over the last two weeks, the county is averaging roughly 26 new cases per day. It needs to be under nine cases per day to move forward. The Colombian reports. If the numbers don't start to dip soon, there could be a jumpin hospitalizations and deaths. Yesterday, Clark County confirmed 37 new cases. It's 5 34 Here's what's coming up after we check traffic and weather come a police soon to be wearing body cameras on Carleen Johnson with details. It's by 34 1st Let's check the Dr John Nelson has another coma. Traffic update Our closing Annabelle Fair area cleared from the roadway. That's Highway three. Both directions on Highway 106 not a whole lot of roadway there to begin with. So I imagine you'll find Some extra heavy traffic through the scene. We did have a collision that was blocking on state Route 5 20 in the Ah Redmond area that is clear fromthe roadway as well. Still looking at problems in the total Mike area with 405 north and at 116th Street. Ah collision, blocking both toll lanes and medical aid. Fire in aid and police are all at the scene. So huge distraction right now for drivers are next Comeau traffic at 5 44 Traffic sponsored by Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans. You're ready to buy a new home, but you don't know where to start. Rocket can check out the rocket mortgage home Buyers Guide for articles, tips and Tools. Rocket mortgage by Quicken Loans. Look at the weather. Now. Here's meteorologist Kristen Clark Light rain. It is today, primarily across the northwest interior, where areas of Bellingham and Everett Could see between 1/10 and 1/4 of an inch of rain. Good for the lawn.

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