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Stay connected. Stay informed. Komo news. This is twenty four seven news on KOMO news. I'm Michael Preston. Another King County homicide this time near Renton detective Ryan Abbott tells us two men were working on a home when they found the owner dead two bills that were here, and I'm not sure what type of work that they were doing they call us right away. Something suspicious. Deputies responded fairly quickly. He says the sixty seven year old man was murdered right now. They don't have any suspects. Detectives think a woman shot to death Wednesday night in skyway was targeted. But they don't know why the twenty two year old was driving on rainier avenue south just before ten thirty when someone in another car shot her in the head. Investigators say this is not related to the shooting Emburey. And if you know anything call the King County sheriff's office families who live in Burian say they are living in fear. They're calling for the gun and gang violence to stop. Komo's Tammy Mutasa has their safety concerns, and what officials are trying to do about. It lowers the candles. The kind notes left girl. Gabriela Ray Dominguez now Mark the latest life lost gun violence in the community. Just sad. Boston was working near the chiropractic clinic when the barrage of bullets started flying. She says this violence is tearing the community apart. I don't know what it is gangs. What the heck ever? But it needs. Needs to stop. Investigators say the two teenagers arrested in Gabriele shooting are well known members of a gang. Somebody gotta do something speech. These days can't happen. Just I don't know where they King County Undersheriff says it's been five years since there's been a regional gang unit focusing on fighting gang violence. He says officials have been pushing for funding to form the regional gang unit. That's komo's taming new toss up. I mean died yesterday after being stabbed at a homeless camp in downtown Seattle. Police responded to several disturbances near six than James late yesterday morning moments later, they got a call about a man bleeding on the street nearby. He later died at the hospital police interviewed several people at the scene. But right now, there are no rests agreements and concessions from both sides. Bring the long-running talks over a new Seattle police contract to an end mayor Jenny durken says she thinks it took more than three years to get an agreement because trust in the city needed to be re-established too many years where they'd gone without a contract. I don't think they believed that the city was coming in earnest and was going to be a good bargaining partner. And then I think it helped the chief was there personally. I was there personally. Talking to them working with them, and we stayed at the table to we got it done. The new deal means officers will get a reported seventeen percent raise. And they also accepted changes to the accountability system, including body cameras. The city council is expected to vote on the contract in October. It's thirty four minutes past the.

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