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Her new organization called Santa Maria L. merit or than Mike V. ill talk about drugs in Mexico and law enforcement with the hill at three o'clock today former D. E. A. agent from Espanol yeah there where do for twelve sixty one a comment about Richard Martinez in the peace of mind the debate is still on heavy on the floor of the house two articles they will pass down from will be in peace today he had all right Joe money and Joe Montana dot com talking about the conviction of Richard Martine and speculation what's next right so he will be gone hopefully from the entire Senate hopefully today he'll be gone and he will no longer be the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee so who will take over well that's a Senate committee of committees but speculation the vice chair senator Daniel IV so does a possibility or maybe just amante from Los crucis both attorneys and a Joe points out today both a huge job grade for me to margin so that's some speculate well what about his seat who's gonna run for the seat a few months ago Susan Herrera new will newly elected stay rap defeated Debbie Rowe dell as she said not interested but that was before this quick trial and conviction I don't know if she's willing to consider reconsider not running for that seat but Richard Martinez has done so what about Joseph Sanchez Joe Monaghan rise today what about today rap just a censure of all called it also a freshman and also as soon as getting elected will almost as soon as getting elected do I believe his first elected position state representative decided to run for Congress which I know ticked off a lot of people up in the river county and personal so we'll Joseph Sanchez throw his hat into the ring because his nascent run for Congress is going no where will he re evaluate his expectations of his political career and say well you don't have an open Senate seat maybe I'll do that end would that make Marco Cerner really happy the current district attorney for CD one actually JD one because then he'd have one last Latino in the race growth markets and are also running the same congressional seat so who's gonna run who's going to step in and run for Richard Martinez his Senate seat course still be the nominations from that district Los Alamos we reverse and of all fanfic counties sand recommendation to the governor make the appointment to fill out the remainder of the term maybe Susan Herero she defeated Debbie Rowe down and you know that long and sordid history so you look at Debbie Rowe del you look a Carl Trujillo you look at the ethical issues in northern New Mexico both of those had ethical issues Rodale into him you look at other recent stories about leadership in the legislature a rising star an up and comer Monica Youngblood also victim to DO BRI also really embarrassing video laughing pleading eventually crying in the back of the patrol car.

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