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This area result in twins most of them according to the legends being blonde haired and blue eyed very curious So why how many are we talking. the birth rate stats for twins. In candido is ten percent which is significantly higher than in the rest of the state where it's only about one point eight percent So this is one of the highest. What you'd call twinning rates in the entire world and this is a noteworthy pattern At least during the early twentieth century. When the i immigrants started to set a precedent arriving with seventeen sets of twins amongst them And if you visit the area today you might still notice that it is like you said ben like instantly something. that's remarkable. How many just how many sets of twins you'll see just on a given day looking around boy. I mean think about that. That's one in ten kids that are born our kids instead of kid. Yes that's crazy and the stats. Can you know you'll suit listeners. Of course you clock that that rate of twins was given his ten percent but then scientists also projected one in five pregnancies. We're we're aware of this discrepancy. It's coming from a couple of different sources. And of course. Birthrates do change. Or they vary over time. But yeah yeah. It's a lot of twins. Yeah that ten percent. I believe in a particular study will look that was between nineteen ninety and nineteen ninety-four rights. We're also talking about ten percent of a very small population which makes it extra noticeable when you it's like wow they're everywhere and you know we know what a mystery twins still continue to be as to what leads to them as like their ability to communicate differently. You know. I mean there are some that you know if you if you know anybody who has a twin sibling. They claim to and i mean. Honestly you can't not believe them have this kind of almost tele kinetic ability or this ability to kind of like a feel things about each other far distances for example Or you know to be able to almost like speak without speaking to each other. It's very very interesting and not a lot is known about that And that totally applies to this case. Only this is an extra weird kind of twist like why so. Many twins in the small area and one of the theories is quite disturbing. Yeah i i have. I do just spoiler alert. Have what i feel like. Ease the explanation here. But let's let's let's walk through the crazy stuff. I wanted to step back. Because there was something i wanted to point out. So yeah this is extraordinary Because of the birth rates in the number of twins relative to the population but for comparison there are places that have you know an absolute numbers much higher tendencies toward the production of twins and nigeria actually leads the world in this regard. Also i always. I always thought it would be cool to have a twin. But i think for most of us the concept is incredibly alien and that's why Singles right even if you have siblings. You're single right in comparison to twins. That's why singles like the majority of us in the audience..

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