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Hi, I'm low Riley in this is the talking points memo big speech by President Trump tonight on the border wall government shutdown controversy, also replying Senator Charles Schumer, and speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi speeches should be eight minutes each. And now, I am going to tell you what I would say if I were president of the United States, first of all the speech has to be fact, based this is a hearts and minds thing tonight. It's basically presenting your argument to the American people not your supporters, but to the American people who are in the middle. Not inform. They don't know you got to persuade. All right. So President Trump's going to be on the teleprompter. I am not using a teleprompter right now. I'm talking of top my head. But he's going to be using teleprompter. You would assume he rehearses the speech. So that it comes across fairly naturally and. And the points. He has to make have to be very very precise in methodical. He should begin with a little bit of history. So that in August two thousand and ten President Obama signed a Bill that allocated six hundred million dollars for increased border security, not a wall, but in certain places barriers but six hundred million it failed the Bill failed even though fifteen hundred to secure border security agents for hired the Bill fell and that puts to rest any of the arguments. Democrats may have that we don't need a wall. We could just do it with drones and more people more agents more judges. That's not true. Right. So once the president says, look we were all United at one time in this country on increase border security. We tried it. It didn't work. So now we need. Upgrade to a border fence wall, steal whatever may be. Then he's gotta run down the reasons why. Now, the first and most important reason is that ninety percent of all narcotics smuggled into the USA come from the Mexican border ninety percent. If you look at the deaths each year in the United States from narcotics use tops one hundred thousand easy if that's not a national emergency. I don't know what it is. So drug addiction and drug use is corroding our society. And it's coming from Mexico. That's not in dispute. None of that's in dispute. That's what you lead with. And then you cite statistics, bang bang. Bang, bang, bang, and the Democrats have no reply to that zero second important point. There is an organized effort to collapse the American asylum system, fifteen hundred four thousand seven thousand people Jordan, just materialize out on doors and Guatemala was organized and them to the US border causes much trouble as possible collapse, the United States asylum system K that's serious serious. And within those seven thousand fifteen hundred whatever it may be you have hard cases, you have men young men who are going to cause trouble here. We have a gang problem here from Central America MS thirteen Riley on Long Island. It's intense. And of course, you have Americans being killed by legal aliens every week. So he's got a President Trump's got stat stat stat. This is number two. I narcotics then trying to collapse the American immigration and asylum system and third is the overall security we need to nose here. We have any estimate between twelve and twenty million people in the United States. We don't know the here, we don't know who they are. You can't run a federal government that way, that's irresponsible. People need to come here legally not running across the southern border. And then you say, and my opponents in the Democratic Party says walls of work it works in Israel in worked in Europe. Trying to stem the refugees from Syria and the Middle East it worked in east Berlin, keeping the people in in east, Germany. There's no way that a wall didn't work. It worked everywhere that it was put up because barriers make it more difficult to cry simple. So he's asking for five point six billion dollars. That's a pittance. Why wouldn't we do that if the border security under President Obama failed which it did? You gotta try something new. And now you have an organized attempt to collapse her system and a narcotics problem that's out of control. Dash your argument. There's your argument put it forth and seven minutes and you'll win the debate. I'm Bill O'Reilly for Newsmax reminding you you can see my commentaries every night on Bill O'Reilly dot com and killing the SS huge bestseller. You'll enjoy the book to you again soon..

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