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Says that he misses his mom's toyota sienna that she wants had because he said if he had it now he'd bring it to the club because it's got so much room it's got the space the shaggy sounds like no girls going to get in it so much on the morning autumn yeah i actually think the moped is cooler doc nakimora came out with that sign about multi i think it makes them cool really i never really thought about that by the way when we're slim don't get alex about this we're comparing your moped to a minivan i mean it's not like we're comparing bullpens winning now they were comparing it to a ferrari or a tesla or something like that has winning so i'm happy i'm excited high caitlyn which one's worse no pet is worse at least like what's a mini van you can afford like an actual vehicle whereas mopeds like sixteen and fifteen year olds habit to get to the little summer jobs that's true i like this one cindy says that joey and slim driving their mopeds together what do you think that they looked like cindy dumber and dumber this morning to stay warm it was so cold this one by the way is carter carter's on with us right now and carter has experience with which one which which one did you pick a girl up at the club with a mini van what did she say when she walked out of the club with you and saw that parked in the parking lot right oh my god what it gonna stuff in it that's what it was lonely her car it was hard card has dramatic never i can't do it she was a minor issue the low key order major a minivan they look like they live in it what would you do if you went out to the minivan that she was driving their car seats that were still in everything in there there were car seats in their calls everything.

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