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Do one last winter of Stein next Tuesday to get you ready for the finale, when's the LLC roundtable this week? Okay. Wednesday. Stein, Tuesday, Wednesday night, LLC roundtable, and then and 'nother show on Thursday night where I believe we'll get HOA and maybe veto saying up for double a Vic Shen in the two hour episode coming up on Friday night. So a lot to do here. And so brand you want to start us off to tame are and how she blew her shot. Okay. So going into this week KMart knows where all the pieces are on the board. Right. And if you if you weren't sure of that going into tonight's episode. You are certainly sure of it after tonight's episode when she's dire going, you know, this little bedroom crew that I got here. I feel like I'm number four on the totem pole to number four with no Liqi. Yes. Exactly. She knows they're all taking each other. And they're all equally dislike Ables, there's no frigging way that they're going to take her to the end. So she is right. If you like she is at bed. Best number four. And maybe even argue number five, they maybe candy is is to be at the end. It would be wrong, by the way. Anyway, so going into insurance competition, I'm thinking she has no business winning his whatsoever. Okay. And not only that way for she has a power that keeps her safe. She doesn't even need to win. And she has on one side, a Gelo that everybody hates and on the other side, a trio that has very very tight together that people sort of like they're not like the jury is not going to like them in the house. I guess people sort of get along with them. They're the in crowd right now. So she has all of this in front of her. She goes into H competition where she knows where everything is on the game board. And yet she still goes out and wins the competition, which is the worst possible can do once once I saw it was hurting eight at the end, I was like, you know, what I'm hoping that maybe cater. Oh rang in wrong, and she was pissed that she won. But no she wanted. She wanted to h h and rob this is terrible for her. Because the only thing she can do once she's made this deal with made nice with no Liqi. She has been maker nominations of Tom and Kato she has to follow through with that. There's no turning back on that. Otherwise, she's just everybody off. It has no chance to win at the end. So she goes ahead and puts Tom Kato up. But Tom, Cato going home is not the best thing for her. Because now one of them's going to be gone all three of no Lookie is still in the game. And she can't play for H next week. And she doesn't have a power. It's looking dicey. Because there seven people left in the game three people that are really tight, and basically it's Dina candy and Tom against no Liqi for H O age. She better pray that a little luck runs her way and one of her compadres when h wage or she's. She give me sitting on the this. I should get home. Okay. Just set the stage..

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