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But it's it's an enjoyable film it's it's very there's some crazy shit that goes on in a movie that i did not see coming so if you haven't seen the outsiders check it out don't they straight up murder leaf garrett in it sure do spoiler alert spin a minute since i saw it yeah it's pretty insane though the star power that came out of the movie when they were noone noone yeah they were absolute teenagers i am leaning yes the pretty much the youngest diane lane i can think of yeah i don't know why you need to think of her younger here's the rumble overlooking the grand canyon and i forget how this one goes let's move minnesota the outsiders thank you joe derosa was last movie you saw i know this i can't remember the last movie i literally saw but the last movie i saw very recently in the theatre was mother there was the last thing that i give me in mud exclamation point with an extra it was awesome i thought it was a work of art i thought it was brilliant i thought it was very mus marketed and i blame you know the team in the filmmakers for that i don't understand why they allowed it to be marketed like it was some kind of rosemary's baby are movie but the movie was also what would they told people in your mind to get them to sit through that shit because i didn't i didn't enjoy it at all i'll tell you what made me a joy i watch jennifer lawrence's explanation of the metaphor before i went to see it so that i knew what i was walking it too and i was like oh this is a really cool kinda art house movie and i like that these famous sort of mainstreaming actors in it was a it was a cool thing but you need a little of that explanation of you don't get that they're playing at the goddamn glendale pacific.

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