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It was about like, plugs plugs, and I would love to have a plug Dyke's on home kitten and on the echo and my options were for companies name. I've never heard of before I can't get Belkin products with that have home kit support the cameras, I can't I can't use. So and again, it's like what can you put in your home? If you live in a house, maybe you feel differently live in an apartment, right? It's like a homeless security cameras all accomplish the the locks that you have because I don't if you Billy to do that. So there's a lot of personal experience that comes from this. Maybe that's the split is a split between people who have who are in a circle. Stance where it all has started to work. And I'm in that where like it's all started to work now. And I'm like oh home kit. Isn't is a thing. Now where it was previously not a thing. And then if you're in a place, whether it was a geographic location or in terms of your housing situation, where it's still not a thing. Then it's still not a thing. And you get I I was struck by this. And I think what says it all about home kit is the highest it's ever received still not a very good score. So like progress yet a lack of enthusiasm and as yeah as Carolina Milanesi said puzzling, right? Like nothing has been happening for a while was is this not a priority for apple and what's going on. And again that comes up in a bunch of areas where we've you apple as this. And I think maybe there's some truth of this. We apple is this enormous and enormously successful company and sometimes when you. Look at what they're doing. You start to wonder if what they really are is a an enormously successful hardware design system with a struggling. But okay software. Manufa software organization. In then a whole bunch of poorly funded poorly staffed not focused on ancillary businesses. Where apples DNA says we have to own this and do our own thing. But they refuse to actually prioritize that stuff and home kits. Great example, right where it's like apple home kit because apple didn't wanna see this market to Amazon and Google, but it does feel like apple also didn't do home kit, right. And is still trying to live it down. And it's unclear that. They've actually turned it around say it wrong with like chips advocation way that they would down. Right. But then they changed it. I was twelve and that's why they're all aggressors. But like is going to take more time still. Yep. Hardware reliability be plus down from a minus and oboe. This is what the macbook keyboards. This is the effect. This is where it was this is where people were talking about. David spock's says I realized recently, the I no longer take MAC hav where reliability for granted, which are like, right? Like I liked that phrase. And then of course, that's let's let's run through the people is so says the continued problems with the macbook macbook pro keyboards despite the reductions from twenty eighteen Keeble membrane tonic their reputation in a big way. John. Syracuse says the butterfly keyboard really has to go and Casey says I'm not calling anyone's head to roll. But I do think there's a legitimate problem here that needs to be addressed. This is a sore point. I think it's telling so twenty sixteen is really when the new macbook pro's came out, right? The MAC book was out earlier. I think it's telling that if you look at my. My results over time. Apple's perceived hardware reliability. Among the panel has dropped every year. Yep. So this was a four point four average in twenty fifteen. It's now three point eight not horrible. It's still a b plus, but I do think there's something in the fact that over the last four years as the new macbooks rolled out, especially that the perception of the reliability of Apple's hardware has has dropped from basically a stray to be plus from a four point four to three point eight. It is to me meaningful. This is the category. They should always score highest on this is what they should be have been good at apple make great Hawa the median score among my panelists. My fifty five panelists was a four..

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