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Live from safeco field in seattle washington and new york yankees baseball and to night the second game of this fourgame weekend series and this series the combination of this long road trip which began with four in boston three in minnesota and out for here in this beautiful civilians beautiful ballpark yankees one last night's river game louise severino's just fabulous brett gardner had a big homerun yankees wanted forty one and give a run hillary were two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning tonight cc sabathia who is an enormous success against seattle back the yankees veteran normal success out here hilbert's for the eggs in the anc's will get their first look at a rookie ride headed name andrew moore who is pitching for oakland we bid you welcome on this early friday evening in seattle washington now last night the anc he's one and boston laws of the yankees i don't know how but amazingly even with all the losing they have done they're just chew back in the laws column for first place in the division with two big months of baseball to go what we welcome you anyway to save go producer engineer jack candy maldonado miami's cope on europe is susan waldman at on john sterling now let's check of see once on the menu on tonight's nissan new york gang east pregame program what's on the menu brought to you by buffalo wild wings wings beer sports later on on the lido spot susan.

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