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The state capitol thousands gathering this afternoon


Call for a complete re opening of all California businesses KCBS is Jeffrey shop reports a lot of people arrive by bus from all across the state the event is officially called liberty fast kind of a cross between a tailgate party music festival and speech making all with the central theme free up the state open businesses back up one of the thousands who came here is Tanya who works in the wine business in Lodi I have lots of friends in my community that aren't open and are trying to figure out how they're going to feed their children how they're going to pay their bills and if we can see Walmart getting what seventy three percent increase in sales in my small businesses in my own town or dying a mass of people gathered along tenth street facing the capital many came by bus from southern California they were T. shirts and carried signs bearing the slogan resist rise will hold three open

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The state capitol thousands gathering this afternoon

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Identities have been released at this time overall of course it was one heck of a night last night

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