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The elite 8 for the first time in 8 years running away with a 76 59 win over Notre-Dame in the Greenville one regional of the NCAA women's basketball tournament. Cheyenne sellers and diamond Miller scored 18 points for the terrapins, lavender Briggs had 12 points off the bench. Marilyn next gets unbeaten South Carolina in Monday's elite 8. The gamecocks took down UCLA 59 to 43, Bree Biel was one of three South Carolina scores in double figures as she helped hold the bruins to under 30% shooting in the game. For games like this, you know, an offensive scoring is very low. We definitely rely on our defense to keep their scoring lower than ours. South Carolina is now 35 and oh, Josh Brown tree AP sports. AP news for this Saturday March 25th, I'm Jackie Quinn, a devastating tornadoes wiped out a small community in western Mississippi. Ain't no houses left up. More than 20 deaths have been confirmed in sharkey county with fears many more victims will be found buried in the rubble. Rolling fork resident Cedric B says his neighborhood is just devastated. Houses and trees are flattened. Restaurants and two gas stations wiped away. He, his two children and his girlfriend huddled in a closet when they heard the roaring sound of the wind. She was praying. And I was just holding them. He says his home is damaged, but livable. We're learning the diner staff survived by hiding in a cooler. Our rogelio Solis reports. The cooler. That's what saved up their vehicles on top of the diner. State emergency crews are coming to help search for victims. The storm also caused damage and knocked out power in Alabama and Tennessee. At least two people were killed in a blast at a Pennsylvania chocolate factory. One person was rescued, but there are several missing. It was a powerful explosion since the mayor of west reading on WFM Z news. The

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