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I I know I consider magic. You know a go. What I only magic last year in in maybe one on the Bulls play the Lakers so. I've watched tape of of him, but I think you have to be careful. I made. The, best of all time, but that's my era, but there'd be no J. if there was no. And it was no big daddy. Kane? You know so. You know just like you look if he sent. You know if it wasn't for you, know the DJ he had. If it wasn't for, you, know just various other thing even. Jive role given him some material that it's a really the troll. I think one of the original trolls. What's? you know it would be? It would be a question that when you talk about basketball, and you know People WanNa say apprentice better than Michael. I'll take that and I and I raise. How can you compare well done? Stick to a medium well state Lebron is not finished with his career yet. I and I think that look Rambo's never trying to be Michael I think that's the thing that gets lost in translation. I think in the modern era the closest to Michael. Actually you didn't mention it. I don't think it was intentional. was calling and I think the only difference between Kobe and Michael, is. I think Kobe was a better three point shooter to Michael other than that Michael was. Superior, and if you're basing it based off rings. I mean. Russell has what ten. Yeah Yeah, my has six three M has six. Kobe has five Kobe loss from the finals twice in Kobe. Have the Lakers beat? The Pistons in two thousand and four. That's his six and they've colby and the Lakers beat. The Celtics in two thousand seven. We can have a healthy conversation about coby being better than my. Gate? So I think you got to be careful I. Think what makes Michael the. Gold is I mean number one? The endorsement deals if it wasn't for work, you know Michael's ability to Transient transition game with his old brand. With Matt Creative Opportunity for guys like Koby to have the shoe the way that he does abroad. The have shoot a wing does. Shoot he does. Caribbean. Does now. Colby I think was the. Was the blueprint. For the shoes I was talking to. Somebody recently about Colby and you know. They were telling me how they used to like right on the plane and sickness colby. On roaches when they were lots of wherever he would see that Kobe was actually designing how he wanted his shoe to look and so when you look at. K B in the way. Issues have different colors and stuff. Look at Kyrie with. He's got like spongebob. Night at the Barclay Center was corresponds with a shoe that looks like spongebob. I mean that that's a neat as they. These guys have kids. You know you go to these basketball camps. They weren't connery. Sneakers. Be Win Katie's sneakers Kobe. You know you go into the locker room. Lakers sixers lack on Tobias Harris this whole lockers filled with Kobe sneakers like me. That's that's to me ethical. Was was Michael as far as. Michael Retired but I think there's only one, Michael is one colby and you know I think Kobe wanted to be Michael really bad I've spoken to people who said like Koby like in a in a serial killer type way with. Michael wanted to be Michael the debt. I'm not trump lake over. I think that. You know there's there's just a level of Michael Michael Kobe was close, and I think post humorously we can now have that conversation when I made the analogy to to a steak. Well done, you know Kobe's no longer with us. Can have that conversation? But I think we talked about Lebron I think history, still being written, and if will. I think. You look a guys like you know Barry Sanders. And football and Jackson plays baseball and football. I think that Lebron's James Likable Jackson the basketball. He's just. It's just a superior athlete and I don't think it could measure. What he's is his his contribution to basketball. In the same way Michael. Michael Michael was for Kent Man. That's a great analogy with the Bo. Jackson one of the principal characters that was talked about a lot on the last dance, and talked about afterwards, and actually when me and pat did the exercise of top teams I drafted him as my starting point guard, and that's said Thomas I kind of wanted to get with your recovery of basketball. You have and having watched old tape and seeing him obviously in an executive role and kind of some things. He said this documentary. What's your feelings on what's? What's your take on us at Thomas like the the narrative seems to be like this bad guy who've been portrayed a bully and being victimized by the media about the same time I also see people talking about how he's supremely underrated one of the best little big man of all time i. mean all of us I think highly of him since I've made him the starting point guard of Milo, Tom Team is kinda wanted to get your thoughts on it when it comes to as they at Thomas. Family, he he grew up with my stepfather as as a as somebody who'll throughout the course of my career particularly in the last five to six years. You know hasn't been a huge part of it. You know he's been a phone. Call Away. He's been a guy that's been encouraged me and you know champion my causes as as well as his I. I think they. Stood and I think as as misunderstood because..

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