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One 28. Traffic and weather on the H and Carlos Ramirez in the WTO traffic center. Thanks Ian and I want to say thank you to the listener for giving us the update on the accident scene I was looking for it. They called the traffic tip line. It's on the outer loop of the beltway. After Georgia avenue on your approach towards Connecticut avenue that's exit 33, the fart left lane is currently blocked with the crash activity sounds like a vehicle did bump into a Jersey wall, always be very extra careful out there folks, especially late nights, especially on those big curved areas on the beltway can be very dangerous in early with the beltway doesn't seem to be affected. You should be fine there, also watch out for the work crew on the outer loop just after Baltimore avenue on your approach towards 95 to left lanes are blocked there. If you're headed on 97, been talking about it, but worth mentioning once again. 97, between New Hampshire avenue and drive, they got the alternating traffic. Right now, they are flagging doing the flagging operation. In other words, there will only be a single lane getting by at a time, so go ahead and follow direction through that area. Down in Virginia, if you are headed on the southbound side to three 95 after seminary road, the work crew is along the right, no delays because of it, of course, and that's the good news. Southeast southwest freeway looks fantastic, no issues. To report on D.C. two 95, and the inner loop of the beltway in Maryland after Pennsylvania avenue, two left lanes blocked with a work crew. One 8 6 6 three O four WTO piece of traffic tip line. Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic. Storm team four is Chad Merrill to begin this work week with the forecast. A couple of showers and storms north of Washington this morning, some patchy fog lingering

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