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A new story from Pat McDonough


Good evening everybody and welcome to the program that's going to be a very interesting and even exciting program we're going to have with us this evening in the first hour or two I believe to be very important guests that have done something that needs to be done fighting on our site today tonight we're also going to take a look at as part of our guests with what they participated in which is the idea of getting back to normal and re opening our society and our economy and our life also later on in the program going to take a look at an update on our friend Joe Biden and some of the miscarriage that he's put together this week including insulting the entire black community in the United States we'll take a close up look at mayor young my god what is happened to mayor young he has not done anything right since he's been married you don't think he's done right is with the Preakness and he did not really put that package together that was attorney Joel Feinman who put that together the mayor was smart enough to accept it but may our young has now running last among the top six candidates for election to mayor we'll take a look at this judge you doesn't have that doesn't have much of an idea about what justice is in the Flynn case and now the pressure is on him because the circuit court judges the superior judges are cracking down and telling him to do his job we'll take a look at trump media bias we have some numbers and U. S. birth rates are down and they've been going down for years and that's kind of interesting as to why that's happening but we'll talk about the lockdown thirty five million maybe almost forty million jobs have been lost the Democrats and their partners in the fake news are treating destroying America's economy is if it is not important families are losing jobs and facing daily stress and they need to struggle on it's always the Democrat governors have you noticed or members of the Democratic Party who push the lockdown power the lockdown agenda the top six big states in the country that are Democrats states have sixty five percent of the virus cases most of the deaths are in New York state but the fake news promote governor Cuomo as if he were a hero Michigan governor Gretchen witless is the biggest lockdown defender in the nation but the fake news and the radical Democrats prefer promote her as sleepy Joe Biden's potential vice president a crisis where there is supposed to be unity the fake news in the radical Democrats divide America hospitals are in financial trouble big big companies like Neiman Marcus and J. C. Penney are going into bankruptcy there have been fifteen a million small businesses lost in America already anti anxiety medications are up by thirty percent and ninety percent of the cancer testing cases are down in the hospitals.

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A new story from Pat McDonough

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