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Northern rockies muster montana into a parts of mino and in the northwest are looking at still some showers from seattle to portland as the wet weather pattern continues mostly dry though across cow california all right what would you give us a dean's lists city today i obviously one that has no snow hand we have but we have quite a few days russian east not too bad at all today a charlotte 57 degrees mostly sunny sky nashville looks nice today sixty degrees with a mostly sunny skies in the nation's capital washington looking good today fifty two degrees with a fair amount of some feel pretty warm compared to how did earlier in the month all right thank you brian that's a look at america's weather here's the latest from the news room dozens of people are dead in south korea's deadliest fire in nearly a decade a hospital fire in mere yang also injured more than one hundred at davos president trump said he would apologise for retweeting three inflammatory videos posted by the far right group britain first but he didn't know who the group was when he retorted the us olympic committee is calling on all twenty one members of the usa gymnastics board to resign this follows of the life sentence of convicted sex offender and teen dr larry nassar will not all disney employs are happy about a proposed thousand dollar bonus the orange county register reports that the press release touting the bonus hints that unionized workers may not be eligible for the bonus birth defects have risen in parts of the country where mosquitoes are known to transmit zico virus in 2016 the percentage of babies likely affected by ceca rose twenty one percent in southern florida the cdc says it's hard to say for sure if the defects are truly zeqir related those are some of.

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