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You if user has a dairy allergy the sovereign laboratories has made their claws from to be lactose reduced so if you will in terms of lactose there's not gonna be a problem if you have a severe case allergy well you might have to exercise caution but colostrum is a highly purified product there's very little in the way of extraneous proteins in it it's mostly the immunoglobulins and the natural substances that our president colostrum which is very very free of casey but if you have an nfl alexis to dairy in a where you actually go into you know breathing problems and you have to use an epi pen that's how i would exercise caution i don't think it's gonna make that much difference in terms of that level of dairy senstivity i person really don't do well with jerry but i don't go into an immediate you know fit were i need emergency treatment if i get a tiny amount of jerry what happens to me is similar to you is if i consume a lot of dairy get congested i might be more likely to come down with a cold so you know i've taken colostrum for a long time including the sovereign product and it's not something that triggers my particular sensitivities and since it enhances immunity it ought actually have the opposite effect today may make you less vulnerable to colds and respiratory infections worth getting the samples and try it out undocked.

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