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Russians and wikileaks to defeat hillary clinton attorney general jeff sessions waiting to protect the man overseeing the russian investigation by warning the white house he might resign if the president tried to remove deputy attorney general rod rosenstein the president in rudy giuliani to try and negotiate a swift conclusion to the special counsel's investigation all this as a potential bombshell in the case rattled the white house speculation that trump's longtime loyal counsel michael cohen might turn on trump and cooperate with prosecutors after a dramatic fbi raid on his home and office this saturday headline in the new york times michael cohen has said he would take a bullet for truck maybe not anymore sparking ferocious response on twitter from the president after attacking new york times for making up the story the president praised cohen as a fine person who would never flip sorry i don't see michael doing that despite the horrible witch hunt and the dishonest media that is the biggest question now looming over this investigation will michael cohen flip want to dig into it with our panel of legal experts alan dershowitz professor emeritus at harvard law school author of trumped up how criminalization of political differences endangers democracy our chief legal analyst dan abrahams and mimi rocca former federal prosecutor in the southern district of new york now criminal justice fellow at pace law school welcome to all of you to begin with you the president clearly agitated by all this pressure on michael cohen he also called the raid on cohen an attack on our country after those rates how serious is the threat to cohen and trump oh it's a very serious threat this is an epic battle for the soul and the cooperation of michael cohen and prosecutors have enormous weapons at their disposal they can threaten him essentially with life imprisonment they can threaten his parents they can threaten his spouse they have these enormous abilities to really put pressure and coerce a witness on the other hand the president has a unique weapon that no other criminal defendant or suspect ever has he has the pardon power and go back to christmas nineteen ninety two when president bush exercise that pardon power and pardoned caspar weinberger precluding him from pointing the finger at him put a lot on the.

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