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I you were worried about black junior this year. He didn't think it was gonna hit. You do remember correctly BUSTER just happy to know that Vlad juniors subscriber to this podcast. He clearly heard motivation last night in San Francisco. Good for him. If your face was was taped to his his locker I'm going to get that guy twins beat the angels forty three with help from Byron Buxton line down the left the aligned be Brexit pink. Around there hill scored Buxton in the second base with his eighteenth noble of the year the twins four nothing. Dan, gladden Treasure Island baseball network. Nobody can stop the Astros these days, they blew out. The Tigers eleven to four Carlos Correa. George Springer chip in one. Oh, and that's driven pretty to center field. Going back on Jones still going back looking at that ball. A three run home run for Carlos Correa to straight away center field and Astros lead it three to nothing. It's bigger drives. This went pretty deep to centerfield racing back on Jill still going back looking up. It's off the base of the wall kicks away from Jones it kicks toward left-center. Springer is on his way to third spreaker is being way told the throw to the infield that there will be no rela- George Springer with an inside the park over on the Astros lead at ninety two. And we'll find out later in the podcast. Josh finally relents and puts them in number one where they should be on our power ten the Indians shut out. The White Sox nine nothing to hit a bunch of home runs. He was one of them. Swung a hammer chop. Don't laugh. Oh, forget this baby outta here beyond the White Sox bullpen and into the seats. No. The Indians having their best day of the year with a long bowl Ramirez hits his fourth. And the Indians have hit five today in Chicago suggestion. Thank you would agree with me that fans below Tom Hamilton's booth there that call WTN eleven hundred we're probably like, yeah. Yeah. Whatever. Act. Like you've been there before Tom not Tom is in Fouzy, regardless. Yeah, exactly. You did a quiet ballpark. When your teams getting blown out Tumb talk it up the Indians with their home runs. The Yankees knowing that Giancarlo Stanton's gonna be out of while. He had a setback made a deal for Kendra Morales with the Oakland Athletics, cash considerations or player to be named. The day game of the day was in Fenway park. The Rockies in the Red Sox and Chris sale was dealing. He struck at eight the first three innings he had a nasty slider. And he was rolling into the seventh inning. Here's a rock in the one to praying strike three Chris sale with a career high sixteenth strikeouts. Nine to one to strike Cray. Seventeen strikeouts for.

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