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Into the right lane guard rail work just before the born bridge. Just that left lane is getting by Kevin Brennan. W B Z is traffic on the three. Alright, Kevin. Thank you. And again, the Doppler radar lighting up with thunderstorms, not quite in Massachusetts. Although it looks like actually we have our first activity. A crossing the Massachusetts border way up there in Winchendon, Northfield atthe all area but we're going to see some thunderstorms today. So the hours the window for trouble. Anytime between noon and six o'clock tonight, there could be some damaging winds. Primarily, though we're talking downpours and again thunder and lightning hot and humid today how hot we're looking at a high of 94 in Boston. It's going to be above 90. That would make it is we're not there yet Nearly but that would make it an official heat wave again. Our second this summer's been a hot summer hot and humid. All right. Tonight Cloudy and McGee Lo 73 You're going to need that fan or the a C or the ice cubes? Whatever you Toodles stayed cool, And then tomorrow it's near 90 again and still very, very warm but less human. Thursday. Warm sun and clouds high 87 while this whole week is hot Friday Sunny to partly cloudy, high 83 bit of a relief. What about the weekend? Looks like some sunshine and temps in the low in the mid eighties. Doesn't say anything about the dew point or humidity yet, but we'll check in with Dean DeVore coming up, so we're at 89 in Boston right now, with that bright sunshine out there. Ah, and we will have more coming up in the forecast. There is new trouble for the troubled Holyoke soldiers home were dozens of veterans died from Cove in another resident at that facility has tested positive for Corona virus. All residents.

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