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From relay affirmed this is connected episode one hundred seventy one today show is brought to you very kindly of our friends at eero away an hov a my name is my kelly i am joined by stephen accurate house steven agar hello michael hurley and welcome back federico anticeausescu hey guys it's good to be back i really i really missed your last week know i was nice moves through to you guys each had some time off and once again i had to be the responsible adult and be here every week narrow together slick he never take this is not how it works that jamal you can come in erin treated like wanted only does all the work for the show joe other i'll tell you what take it take it away buddy hassan you now you're a woman followups that ex parte yet take it away that's my part server we've built helping you gotta reco while enthroned a monolog for the next seven advise on you now this is yours and this is the less upset of connected with a header at 170 ones a nice round number yes goods go if if you're ever going to stop one seven one post up yeah wandered and suggesting that smart assistance have a quote wit slider like care whether and i is a good idea as we've talked about syria i think all three of us are annoyed when series of the wrong and then is sort of qt about it and mike you were speaking last week that the go home which is very talkative a hit just wants to islam sia's stuff washout it it just wants to have a bond with you and i think amazon has a good job i hate turn on the light and says okay and though i comes on a i like this idea that hey you know i could go into series eddings and say you know i don't need me sass i just want you to do do which told and then you know when the robot present comes siri will destroy me would you like some some real world examples of this would you like me to to get them to go of headtohead and see how it sounds i could do right now are let me graf things i'll go away okay what would add on here sorry everyone possessing of your devices but alexa ton on the office lamp.

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