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Got there they were all there when Obama was there and even many prior to that


The National Weather Service in Louisville has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for southeastern Harrison County in south central Indiana southwestern Jefferson County in central Kentucky north central Hardin county in central Kentucky central Bullitt county in central Kentucky Intel six forty five PM eastern daylight time at six fifteen PM eastern daylight time a severe thunderstorm was located eight miles south of valley station moving northeast at thirty miles per hour expected hazards include sixty miles per hour wind gusts and quarter size hail this is a radar indicated threats the following impacts are expected hail damage to vehicles is expected expect wind damage to roofs siding entries locations impacted include shepherd still find your village hollow creek Holly villa spring mill south park view how many of you Okolona Fairdale and minor league heights for your protection move to an interior room on the lowest floor of a building report severe weather to local law enforcement post your report to the National Weather Service Louisville Facebook page or Twitter report using hashtag L. M. K. spotter

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Got there they were all there when Obama was there and even many prior to that

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