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So there's that but we can also accomplish that through legislation now


And two thousand eighteen when we had only president trump in the White House but we had a Republican majority in both the house and the Senate that we didn't get to things passed national reciprocity and the hearing protection act which would remove suppressors from the national firearms act I mean there's no reason to treat a suppressor like a machine gun I mean it was pretty good all you have white machine guns should be regulated either but my point being suppressors there's no argument for why they shouldn't be sold just like any other accessory like an arctic but national reciprocity it's also not pass that was a bill that simply would have required every state to recognize the handgun licenses of every other state in it is a pretty good argument for why they should be constitutionally required to do that anyway by the way and I mentioned this on the show before the you know how we feel about same sex marriage and that is not an issue that's on my radar screen but

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So there's that but we can also accomplish that through legislation now

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