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Just to recap it. It was the forty plus yard run that eventually set up the touchdown on the Prescott throw to make it ten six and then to make it seventeen fourteen. I met said it was the other Zeke run I meant to say it was a a throw Tamari Cooper that one for thirty plus yards. That was that was the big play. And then after that Zeke also had at one like sixteen seventeen yard run when it was a seventeen fourteen to set up eventually if being a twenty four to fourteen had an eye stiff arm down the right side. But we go to you on the phones right now as we talk Cowboys. We talk. Colts. You wanna talk about the games that are coming up in a few hours. We could do that. Let's go to Cody and Redding, California, and I'm a man code. He's going to be very happy after his Cowboys get a victory yesterday. Cody what's going on brother? Uh-huh. Man. I am chilling like a family on penicillin. I you. I know you're pumped up because you're cockroach Cowboys. They got a victory yesterday. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Hey, I'll take it all take the cockroach Cowboys client as long as they keep on winning. You'll be more than fine with that. But the way they play defense the way Zeke runs the football with that punishing style. And Dax showed up. That's a that's a formula to win in this league. Especially this time of the year. Well. I wouldn't exactly say. Dax showed up I would say he showed up he made a couple of big plays on the ground or third down with his legs. Well, that's exactly what I mean. Like when you when you watch stack and the game yesterday. You don't sit there and go. Wow. What you're going to get. You don't look at him and say, wow, that's a great quarterback. But he threw a beautiful ball right before the end of the first half that fourteen play was tough as you could bay. And he put his body on the line for you know, the big play. So you got to respect that in and the one mistake he made which wasn't even a terrible mistake. Just the ball got to up it. Intercepted took a bad bounce. They survived. It. Yeah. The the interception. I really wouldn't put too much on him. Same. I don't know if he was Wagner, right one of those linebackers. He made the play play you bobbled it four times and still caught his. So you gotta cedar Catholic there. The thing is, you know. Back deck, and he is what he is. And I think you kind of know what to expect. So the fact that he only turned it over once in that one term turnover. Like, I said was a little, you know, little e suspect I was awesome with that. So the thing was that we really really really committed to running the football. And I think our team needs to do right now. We're gonna lose lose giving it to your best player one hundred sixty nine total yards today. All purpose. You know, we're throwing him the ball in the backfield giving it to get into space. Yeah. I love that. Now, I'm not one of those crazy Cowboys fans who's gonna come out and be like. The Super Bowl, you know, Jerry Jones a bit. You know, I'm not one of those people. I I understand the realms of the league. And I understand where we are at in that hierarchy at the league. I don't think we're gonna win next week. If we played the saints. I'm hoping we'll play the Rams I think we actually have a better chance against the Rams. I'm with the on that as well. Because golf is now playing that while in that defense could do a number on golf, even though they do have a lot of other talented pieces and in LA in LA. There will be more Cowboys fans. No question. I I've seen the eagles go out to L. And that's a home game for the eagles. Can I give you one last thing? Real quick. Yeah. I think regardless of who we play. I mean like you said you don't have a PHD in football to understand trouble. He's got to run the football. Well, take care of the clock and not turn the ball over. And we should be okay. Nice. The saints will be very very tough. I don't think win against the saints. We play the Rams I think we have a good chance, but regardless of the Cowboys fan after starting out three and five we talked all year Zach next crazy. Crazy for you guys. I I am happy where we are at right now. But I'm not satisfied that I am half as you should be. But here's my thing with deck if they're down and they're going to have to throw the football more than they run. It is going to be able to make the big throws. And then also when you go up against the team, let's say you get New Orleans the next week, if you go up against the Orleans, and I know they beat New Orleans this year. But if it turns into a shootout is dad going to step up to the occasion because I think he's good in small doses. When you get a lot of Dacca. I don't think it's very good for the Dallas Cowboys Zeke is their bread and butter. Let's go to Chris in Boston. Chris good morning. Go ahead. Won't exactly I I like the Coulter liked watching the game. Especially after the. The game where quarterback there came back and said, you know, what they're improving swag their heart rate. Now the team is pretty well balanced. I really liked the coach coming out of the AFC. And and I stick with my early season pick the bears, I really like to bear lake Trubisky. Cohen and defense. So that's why pick you have a great. We're still the week. Take it easy. Appreciate it. Chris. Always. Thanks. Check it in the culture. Hey when you went in the wildcard round, you look you'll good you're going to be a popular pick there. It's not gonna be easy going to Kansas City. But the advantage. They have is that they have a defense in Kansas City defense right now. And there's no doubt about the colts our hot team. But I think you need to show up more consistently. They got up to that Twenty-one. They offense kinda took a step back and do anything after that. He had to play a full sixty minutes in the playoffs. But yes, the colts once again, they're playing with house money right now. And it's dangerous when you're in the postseason, you're playing with house money. There's no pressure on you Brad in Dallas, Texas. Go ahead. Brad. Hey, how you doing man? I talked to you yesterday about dead. Like you like you guys were saying we know exactly what we're going to give with deck small doses. He's good. When the game he's a game or man. And that my thing though, my main thing is looking at how they play Seattle for what three and a half quarters. They had like negative eight passing yards in the first quarter. It was it was great. I really was. Now, they they had some big plays Seattle early in that first half the two or three big plays in the first half. But overall when you're going up against Russell Wilson. And we look at the two guests that had the other day Dwight free, Mike single, Terry. Mike secretary said he would love to go up against Russell Wilson because it'd be a chess match, and then he talked freely talked about how tough it is to contain them the Cowboys stadium. They're lanes they contain them. And they didn't really let him beat him. Now. It also helps when the offensive coordinator didn't throw the ball more than he probably should have. But hey, that's that's not the Cowboys fault. The Cowboys that a nice job. Always having a guy on early on. Following deck? A following Russell Wilson around and they did a nice job up against that's defense. We know that they're they're capable of doing that. But to actually see it and see that guy be not that effective is very impressive, right? My my favorite play the game was at third and fourteen with your Cowboy's fan, and and that happens and he puts his body on the line. If you like Dallas, you should love it because that's a quarterback will do whatever it takes to to put the game away. Now, I'll say this. I didn't love that. When it's a ten point game twenty four to fourteen then the one time the Cowboys defense, they did not show up as one. There was some money on the line. 'cause I the Cowboys minus two and a half and it ended up being twenty four twenty two. So hey, the Cowboys defense was great up until that final drive for the Seahawks. And then, hey. The kicking situation ended up screwing the spread because the kicker got hurt and they had to go for to all the time. So if you had some coin in the game not that good of an ending, and it looked pretty positive the entire way. Once they took the lead over at seventeen fourteen Robin. Pittsburgh, rob go ahead. All right, man. How great, Yup. I'm a be a little bit quicker get cut off here because of the listening. I think actually both teams habitat Angela place quarterback like a frigate linebacker. I love the way he plays. I mean, he's exciting. There is a plan at a good clip right now. Think I'm biased on the Cowboys fan. But I think we have a good chance to win like your previous caller said if we're messed up against the Rams, I liked that match up a lot better than trying to go to home and drew out and beating them. That's the one tough thing though. Because if you beat the Rams most likely will be waiting for you next week. So you got to beat the Rams and the saints. You would hope someone give you a break in and maybe take down the same spot. I think it's gonna be tough to beat the saints this year in their own house. I really believe that too. But I think if Nick foles gimme a just a little bit of that magic last year and get the job done. I think we can have them if. That's what you know. You're really talking crazy. When cowboy fans are rooting for eagles. Windass? The is ruined Puerto Brownlow. Did it work out? So hey, appreciate the phone. Call Robin, Pittsburgh and make sure you drive safe. I when we come back at Sunday stocks who stock is booming in the sports world dooming. But I just latest CBS sports update with Justin shackle. Sports play. Dak Prescott may have raised any doubt in the.

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