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He doesn't get home a lot, and that bugs me a little bit. I like Jim Johnson. He's phenomenal Linebacker. I think he's wasted lets the quarterback I think that his best skills going sideline to sideline and go away from the ball. Um, I think he's a top third of the league linebacker. I think he's the Broncos best pass coverage linebacker. Then why do you think Vic's doing it like this? Um, I don't know. He's more athletic than Josie. And maybe he feels like he's going to get home. But he's not a natural pass rusher. He doesn't navigate the wash very well. He just kind of chutes and hopes that he's gonna hit the gap and get through. And if he doesn't he just kind of gets held up. He doesn't really have any pass rushing moves. Josie. That's Yeah, That's a good point, Josie, on the other hand, and you could see this. I'm telling you go back and watch the play on. I can remember the ones that wanted to a Well, I remember he comes up and hits the hole that the Josie kind of has the presence of mind to slow up. Because to look like he was about to take off and change to his trajectory before cleaning that play up. Josie understands what it's like to go downhill and you know Alexander Johnson is a superb linebacker. But that's just not his skill set. And so I remember, she said inside linebacker Derrick Johnson. Yes. Their chance was an excellent sideline to sideline guys. Great coverage sucked. Going downhill was not a pass rusher at all. That was just not his game. You get lost in the wash. He didn't have passed rushing moves, and then that's not a knock on him. Some guys just don't but that's that's just not who he Woz and you know. Derek Johnson got some sacks over the course of his career and all that kind of stuff, and Alexander get sacks with questions career with the reality was that that's wasting their skill set. And I don't know why Vic does that. I really don't I'm sure he has his reasons. Maybe he thinks that Alexander could get there faster. Maybe There's some kind of key deal where Alexander recognized the ball's not coming that side and delay blitzes. I don't know. But what I what I can tell you is looking at the two of them. Josie looks more natural doing it. And Marc Maron. I know we'll look more natural doing it even though he's a converted safety because I've seen do it. There's a little bit of a hint in there that he dropped. It was kind of very subtle. I tried to get a follow up in there. About creating turnovers. Broncos have not been spectacular this year in creating takeaways. They've got 10 on the season 25th in the league, and he said, That's the big thing that he really wants to add to his game, So it's interesting that you bring up getting home. As the thing that you'd like to see a little bit more from Alexander Johnson because he wants to take that and add to it, But it almost feels like there's still another step to his game that needs to happen before we get to the and now you're creating turnovers and takeaways. Yeah,.

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