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I got this charger to needs all this work but. I never worried about that man I always I always figured. I could always sell it. You know and I did I mean most of the time when I sold them? It was By another car by different cars so Yemen, that's just the way it is but I think that's a Mo- par thing I think. Is just. Because there's so many cool. MOPE bars. You kind of want one of everything that you're interested in and for me it's every. So that's yeah that's going to be a problem for me financially. No. Problem for me to. You don't know how much shit I get from my friends. Don't you sell all of them and build one nice one. Shut up. All right johnny once again Johnny moped. We'll talk again soon. All right buddy. Sounds Good Chris, you take their. Later, no Mo par left behind folks sir. Boom thanks to my friend Johnny Mo part for joining me on these last two episodes I always enjoy talking about parts with my friends. But before we put the pedal to the metal here, I want to remind you to go check out build par dot com as of right now, the moped theseus votes have been tallied for the last two rounds. Of the build moped project and we the people have chosen a nineteen, sixty eight.

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